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Copenhagen Center for Health Technology - CACHET - This is the homepage for the Copenhagen Center for Health Technology - CACHET. CACHET is a strategic partnership between the Capital Health Region of Denmark (RegionH), the City of Copenhagen, the Medical and Health Faculty at the University of Copenhagen (KU-SUND), and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).Through evidence-based technological research, CACHET will create the foundation for new personalized health technologies and products for the benefit of citizens and the society in general. The vision is to promote and support healthy living, active ageing, and chronic disease prevention and management.

  • http://www.cachet.dk/research The flexible researh model of CACHET - CACHET - CACHET is hosting and affiliated with a wide range of research projects and has a very flexible research model.
  • http://www.cachet.dk/research/projects/diacon DIACON - The Artificial Pancreas - Diabetes & Control - CACHET - According to International Diabetes Federation, 415 million people had diabetes in 2015. These numbers are expected to rise to 642 million by 2040. The objective of the DIACON project is to develop an artificial pancreas for people with Type 1 diabetes.
  • http://www.cachet.dk/research/projects/radmis RADMIS - Reducing the rate and duration of re-admission among patients with unipolar and bipolar disorder using smartphone-based monitoring and treatment - CACHET - According to WHO, depression is becoming a leading cause of disability. The RADMIS project seeks to design smartphone-based monitoring and treatment technology for depressive patients. The goal is to establish the efficacy of this technology by measuring re-admission and clinical outcome.
  • http://www.cachet.dk/about/phd PhD Project Grants - CACHET - The Copenhagen Center for Health Technology supports PhD Projects within personal health technology within its three strategic areas; (i) healthy living, (ii) active ageing, and (iii) chronic disease prevention and management.

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