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  • Corey Mohr - Good software, bad business (negative option)

    I purchased a personal account for Creative Cloud over a year ago. The software works well, as anyone who uses it knows, but the company itself is terrible to deal with. For a year I used the personal account for my own projects, but eventually I started using it more and more for work. I convinced my employer that we needed to update the Adobe software we had a work, and so my employer bought a team Creative Cloud membership - and so, I no longer needed my personal Creative Cloud account. I called Adobe in June of 2015 to cancel the membership and I explained the above to the representative. The rep said, how about we just suspend your account for the time being, that way, if you want to have a personal account again, you'll be locked in at the low price you're currently paying, which was roughly 29 bucks a month. I said sure, sounded fine to do to me. What I was not told is that what the representative was actually proposing was that she give me credits for two free months of Creative Cloud and that there was a negative option auto-renewal (negative option means you don't tell them you want to renew, they just automatically "renew" you). Renew is in quotes for me because prior to this I was on a personal, month to month account paying just $29 a month. Well, the auto-renewal locked me into a 1 year membership at 54 bucks a month, WITH a termination fee if I wanted to end the contract I never agreed to enter into. I noticed this on my bank statement after 3 months of charges from them. When I called to clear it up, they essentially said well that's just too bad. They then "offered" me to waive my cancellation fee (mind you, I didn't sign up for a 1 year contract at any point), and told me there was absolutely no way they'd give me back the money over the last three months. When I explained that my employer was now paying for my account plus 4 others at work based on me being a brand ambassador for Creative Cloud, they still didn't care. When I explained to them that it would make no sense for me to agree to pay for a personal account when I already have an account through work, and that they could see I haven't logged into the personal account since I called to cancel back in June of 2015, they still didn't care. It's not their policy to give refunds and that's that.

  • Avid Reader - What a treat!

    Raven and Jack were a real treat to read. Insta love and a little stalking lead to a lifetime of love and made for a wonderful quick read.

  • Josh - Great TV With Two Caveats

    The picture on this TV is great. The design of the TV is also very nice, and I love how the frame around the picture is thin. I have to dock a star however, for a couple of reasons: 1) the sound is not the greatest 2) you MUST use a modern speaker system that has optical audio inputs (or purchase a digital audio to RCA converter cable/box) because the RCA audio jacks will only work when the device you are using produces video (i.e. a DVD player). In addition, you cannot rig this TV to use 3.5mm headphones, even if you purchase an RCA male to 3.5 mm female cable. If you want to listen to the TV through headphones, you need to purchase a sound bar or speakers (with a digital audio input) that has a headphone jack OR, if you have a cable box hooked to your TV and that cable box has the red and white audio jacks, you can use an RCA male to 3.5mm female cable and hook that directly into the back of your cable box. However, you will only be able to use the headphones when you are watching cable.

  • Amazon Customer - I bought one of the Gotham pans and received it ...

    I bought one of the Gotham pans and received it about three weeks later. First, the costs of $19.95 is not correct. I wound up paying amost $40.00 after they add everything to it. Next, when I received it we looked at it. It is a very small pan and cannot cook more than one serving at a time. Watched the commercial again and I am sure they are not using the same size pan; this I guess used to make you think you are getting a normal size pan. My granddaughter has larger toy pans.

  • Asia - Another Great Welch Production

    This weekend two of my favorite authors released their latest BWWM creations. So, I have been a reading manic this weekend. I was not disappointed, I am in love with Gabriel...lol. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

  • Michael Reviews - Good product;, badly made pump.

    The cream is excellent. The pumb on the 20 ounce container is very badly made. I have three 20 ounce containers, but the pumps of two broke and the third does not pump any cream. I am buying other skin creams.