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  • William K - Quality writing instrument

    Much like I expected. Good size and weight. The cap clicks on barrel. Superb craftsmanship. G2 refills fit perfectly.

  • Amazon Customer - This is what should have been on the truck from the factory.

    My Wife asked why I got a new fuel cap for my truck, I said to her "haven't you seen the joke of a cap that came with the truck?" She hadn't and when I showed her the original plastic cap she couldn't believe it. Hard to believe the POS plastic plug that Ram provides with a $50k+ truck. I have literally had people laugh at the factory fuel "cap"

  • B. Pearce - Not HDMI 2.0 compliant (10 foot version)

    I rearranged my desk and needed a slightly longer HDMI cable to go between a PC and a 2015 Samsung 4K TV. Unfortunately, this cable failed to perform as advertised. I tested several output modes from the PC, and these are the results.

  • Chris - It's not bad at all

    People want to jump on the bandwagon and bash this guy without actually listening to his album. It's not bad at all. Give it a shot.

  • No N. - Best American Essays

    As the title says, Best American Essays. Most of the essays are personal but so interesting. The essays are also available‚Äč online