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    I've been ill all my life with asthma, sinusitis and eczema and five months ago quit my job because I was too sick to work. After 10 days on the diet my blood pressure has gone down, I'm losing weight and the 1st reason for reading it, I have lost 95% of my asthma and sinustis symptoms. I know I'm finally getting healthy and with far less money than I use to spend on doctors and perscriptions. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to get healthy again.

  • sharwin b black - I don't have to wait and be careful not to bite down on our old one-boy isn't technology great. A mst have for any family especi

    I can never find the thermometer when I need it- this solved my problem. I don't have to wait and be careful not to bite down on our old one-boy isn't technology great. A mst have for any family especially if there are small children

  • k2ee - These blades just don't cut it...

    These blades are mediocre at best. I've used them for several months now and they still irritate my face. I thought at first that I may have just received some bad blades but they are all the same. As one reviewer pointed out, you need to go lightly on the first pass then go over it again but it seems like it takes several passes to get a decent shave and still my skin is irritated afterwards. I've used many different razors over my lifetime and my favorites are the Schick Hydro followed by the Gillette Fusion both of which have 5 blades. Maybe the extra blade is too much, who knows? I was hoping these would be similar to those two but the quality just doesn't seem to be there. They get points for value though. The trim blade is a nightmare to use under my nose so I have to use an old Trac 2 razor instead for that spot.

  • Neil M - Superpowers are not what they seem!

    I bought this product thinking I could give myself the edge I felt I needed in life. Basically I wanted superpowers. Very specific superpowers!

  • Chuck in Texas - Throw Out the Norton!

    After a Norton installation sent me half way to the Funny Farm and locked up one machine three times, I decided that instead of going through the same thing on three more machines I would try a new product.

  • Robert Carson - Poor design and consstruction, broke after one use.

    Good concept, good sound, poor design and construction. The ear pieces would keep falling out, even with trying the three different sized foam covers. The last time if fell the back broke off the earpiece and would not snap back in place. It was past the deadline to return so they were sent to the trash bin.

  • Trogdor - Nice case one flaw

    Nice case. The texture is nice. Has one flaw though! The magnets fell out odnthe side of mine less than 3 weeks after receiving it. Now there's gaps where they used to be and its not as comfortable to hold.