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  • Amazon Customer - Works ok

    Wasn't work the extra money versus just using some WD-40 I already had on hand. Skip this product unless you really have to use a product called adhesive remover

  • Steve C. - Overall, works well

    I had a problem correcting a rounding error on the balance sheet, but otherwise it was easy to use. The software told me there was an error, but it did not guide me in fixing it. I had to hunt around to fix it. Otherwise, worked as expected.

  • Haley Moring - I use this planner daily! It keeps me organized ...

    I use this planner daily! It keeps me organized and sane in my mundane desk job. Everyone needs a little more color in their life.

  • Donna T. - Great product

    Very impressed with this product! After just 5 uses my teeth are whiter than then they have been in years. It's easy to use and no sensitivity afterward. I have tried different whitening strips in the past and have not gotten anywhere near the results as with this system. I'm sticking with AuraGlow.

  • mert demirok - perfect toy

    I bought these darts for my 6 year old son as a gift along with elite strong arm and blaster. It hurts the bare skin, but it is an awesome toy for not only children but also for adults. Since the darts go very fast, I strongly advise people to be sure you buy them for the age 8 plus. It works very well, no problem so far.

  • Scott E. Lord - The graphics also perform better on low end machines than Civ 5 does

    I will modify my review if necessary over time, but thus far this sequel is enjoyable. The graphics also perform better on low end machines than Civ 5 does, so it seems to run very smoothly. The art style took a few hours to get used to but after building out cities the terrain is easy on the eyes.

  • Jasmine Angulo - Beware!

    I purchased this and had to send it back! The cream gave me a horrible bumpy rush all over my stomach. I waited a week for the rash to go away and then applied a small portion to my side and surely the rash was back. Beware of the ingredients you may have an allergic reaction! Keep in mind I have no known allergies.