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  • Itsy Bitsy Spider - Got rid of musty smell in car.

    Got rid of musty smell in car. I just bought a used car and it had a very nasty musty smell in there that I didn't notice when test driving it. After smelling different places in the car I found that it only seemed to be coming from the 2 front seats. After cleaning them with 2 different types of carpet cleaners, as well as using 3% hydrogen peroxide, and also trying lysol, the smell eventually came back (although it was much more weak than it was when I first got it).

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    My son gave these to his sister for Christmas. She loves the fit and color. Can't go wrong with this Nike

  • Carrie Bennett - My earphones arrived very quickly.

    I love music when out and about and I used to use old fashioned earphones before. They were always breaking in the jack area and getting cables around my body from back pocket to my neck was always tricky. These earphones solved all my problems. I have never heard of this brand before but I gave them a go. My earphones arrived very quickly. After unpacking and charging them (usb cable supplied) I matched them with my mobile phone without any issues. I used them when going out running and they worked really well. No more tangled cables. Quality of sound could be a little bit better but for running they do the job well. Make sure you read manual before you try to pait them to your device.

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    Best solution out there. I haven't had a yeast infection since starting this product 6 months ago. I take one pill every morning and have this product on instant amazon refill. Before taking this pill I had recurrent BV and yeast infections for years. The smell, annoyance of doctor visits and taking prescription medication for these issues was exhausting and ineffective. This product started working in 3 days and I have been clean and fresh ever since. Before I found this solution I was stalking message boards reading about putting garlic, boric acid, coconut oil and everything else up there to solve this issue. Now it is worry free and I hope all women discover this simple solution.

  • George Dumars - Wouldn't recomend

    It flips ok, but because of the curved handles its hard to do some tricks, plus the balance is way off because the handles weigh way more then the blade, and the handles are different sizes. The blade scratches really easily just from flipping it because the blade is closer to one handle then the other. Also the latch stopped working. I think its because the handles moved closer together but they shouldn't do that after 4 days of light flipping. I don't think it's worth the 30 dollars i paid for it. And i don't think you should but it either.