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Brubacher's Harness Supplies and Tack Shop, Wallenstein Ontario - Brubachers Harness Supplies and Tack Shop is a full service harness and tack shop located in Wallenstein, Ontario, Canada. We have been in the saddlery, harness and equipment business since 1945 providing personal service for all of your saddlery, harness and equestrian needs.

  • http://www.brubachersharness.ca/contents/en-us/d46.html Brubachers Harness offers english tack, english saddles, saddle pads, bridles, nurtural bitless bridles, girths, leathers and irons, and english tack accessories at our Ontario tack shop - Brubachers Harness Tack shop in Ontario offers english horse saddles, english tack, english riding saddle, bridle english, english horse tack, english saddle, english bridle, english saddle pad, nurtural no-bit bridle, english girths, english stirrup leathers, english saddle tack, nurtural no-bit bridle, english horse tack, all-purpose saddle, close-contact saddle, dressage saddle, jumping saddle, endurance saddle, childrens english saddle, synthetic english saddle, english saddle packages
  • http://www.brubachersharness.ca/contents/en-us/d118.html Brubachers Harness offers western saddles, Western saddle pads, western saddle blankets, western bridles, western cinches, western tack accessories, western headstalls at our Ontario tack shop - Brubachers Harness Ontario offers western saddles, western saddle, western tack in ontario, horse tack, western tack, tack, saddles, saddlery, western saddles and tack, weaver leather, billy cook saddles, action company, western, tack store, roping saddle, endurance saddle, barrel racing saddle, saddle shop, full quarter horse bars, cordura saddle, draft horse saddle, big horn draft horse saddle, ontario tack shop, saddle pads, saddle blankets, saddle accessories, breast straps, cinch, girth, western bridle, headstall, bosal, mecate, side-pull, caveson, western reins, roping supplies
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  • http://www.brubachersharness.ca/contents/en-us/d24.html Australian Saddles, Tack, and Bridles from Brubachers Harness Supply in Ontario - A great selection of Australian saddles, Aussie saddles, Aussie tack, trail saddle, english saddles, endurance saddles in Ontario
  • http://www.brubachersharness.ca/contents/en-us/d1733.html Bitless Bridles - Click here for more information on the Nurtural Horse Bitless Bridles and sizing help.
  • http://www.brubachersharness.ca/contents/en-us/d108.html Tack Tags - Custom Engraved Horse Plates and Tags from Brubachers Harness in Ontario - Brubachers Harness offers - Custom Engraved Brass Nameplates, Nameplates, Name Plates, Tags, Horse Plates, Bridle Plates, Stall Plates, Door Plates, Name Tags, Pet Tags, Dog Tags, Cat Tags

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  • neko - Huge book, even bigger disappointment

    It's easy to be impressed by the sheer size and weight of this book when it arrives, but the book (and similar ones in the same series) was designed to trick you into thinking that something this huge must be epic in its scope and detail.

  • mae29 - SO quiet, like a baby sleeping...

    Good fit for wide noses that need to be opened for a quiet night's sleep. Strips do not peel up with perspiration nor do they leave the skin raw upon removal. Wearer thinks he sleeps more soundly while wearing Breathe Right.

  • Beach - Very nice size phone

    Finally found one of these at the aT&T store to mess with today. I looked around the store to see if they had one on demo and its 4:3 screen made it very easy to spot. For texting and replying to email it flys. I had no problem banging out complicated words on the screen with no mistakes and I would not hesitate to reply to emails which may require more words than a simple text message reply. Surfing the internet was a snap and reading text heavy content was excellent with the phone, because if felt like reading a book with the screen shape. I watched some wide format Youtube video on it which had a clear picture and letterboxed the video in the screen. Yes it did have a black bar top and bottom, but as I said picture was clear. The camera gets bashed a bit in some reviews, so I tested it out and found it does lag with the AF turned on. I currently have a EVO 4G and turned off the AF with no problems. I tried the same thing with the pocket and the phone does take photos faster. I don't see this as a problem because I have survived many vacations with fixed focus cameras that took photos which were good enough and the AF and Macro modes are still there if needed. Not DSLR quality but that is OK. The camcorder takes Ok videos set at 800x480 which is my preference. The phone zipped along quite nicely the whole time I was using it and I did not experience any slow downs. I did not make a call on the phone, so I cannot comment on call quality which I have read is acceptable.

  • Paula Waltman - Everyone should have one of these flashlights!

    This is the 3rd flashlight we have purchased! Absolutely love this flashlight as its small, but extremely powerful! This flaslight lights up a very large area! Very well made and fits easily in a coat pocket or jeans. Purchased the first light for home and had to have another for work. Liked it so much that I purchased another as a gift for a friend.