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  • DR. S. H. SHAWVER III - Sounds great--but be a pro and speak teckie

    This program is not for the average user. Definitely not easy as it claims. A registry read error -2146823281. It could not address the problem. It would have been a good program if it really did do what is claimed for it...an all "in one". This program should go back to the drawing board. Might add the Customer Service Center appealed to me because it was in the US. Good luck--their attitude is "too bad, you sad"...no help in confirming or resolving at all. Am first to admit I am not a teckie but then I should not need to be if the spokesman in the TV add was right about his program.

  • volvochic_2 - Good teaching tool.

    In preparation for our first flight with our daughter, we purchased this Playmobile Security Check point. It was to our benefit. This security check point comes equipped with TSA agents that have no verbal communication, no sense of reality, and limited flexibility. The checkpoint was very real to life; since we did not read all directions before beginning to play with the toy, sirens went off and we were told to move away from the toy, separate ourselves and face the wall. After proper instruction and many repetitions of proper behavior, we were able to play with the toy again, but we had been red flagged so we had to be very careful what we said or did as to not set off another set of alarms.

  • Rissa - Just say no to the Oxford comma

    The more I looked through this book the less it resembled the "Elements of Style" I remember from college. This book is clumsy, poorly laid-out and hard to understand and maybe that's the way it was in the mid-1970s, but there many, much easier to understand style books available (try the AP Stylebook or the Chicago Manual). Plus it's fussy in places as when the author insists we do what he says because his book is the one used by the Government Printing Office and the Oxford English Dictionary. The GPO is the largest publisher in the world, emphasis on "publishing." They receive documents electronically from the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government and then the GPO prints them. They don't read, edit or proof those documents, that is up to the issuing body, so I fail to see what is especially significant about William Strunk's claim that the GPO uses his book. As for the OED, I don't live, write or edit documents in the UK and therefore what style they use, which often differs from our style here in the US, is useless for me.

  • Sonia - Meh.

    I really wanted to like this eye gel as I have joined the age 40 club and I need an extra bit of help. It has a convenient pump where just enough comes out and you apply it with your clean fingertip. When placing it under your eyes, it goes on cool as it is a light gel. It has a faint fragrance that I would say is neither good nor bad its kind of nondescript. You are supposed to place it gently under your eyes and around your forehead or all over your face. I did not do this I only applied it under my eyes. Once I applied it, I waited 2 to 3 minutes for it to dry and during this time I was evaluating it to see if it tingled or irritated me, it did neither, it just felt cool on but after the initial time period I looked to see if there was any difference in the bags under my eyes and unfortunately I did not notice any difference at all. I tried it again twice a day for one week and I have to say that this is not a product I would purchase again. I does feel good going on but there is no noticeable difference after using it. I received this product for a free or reduced price in exchange for my honest review and I truly have given my best opinion of this product. Thank you for reading.

  • Amazon Customer - Highly recommend for NCLEX strategy prep

    Excellent strategies to get you thinking! Not for content review (I highly recommend Saunders for that). Read front to back completing all the practicw questiona and scored 70-75% on the practice exams and was feeling unsure, although the book says that's good. Passed the NCLEX in 75 questions. The DVD is the same as the online portion (minus the practice test) so I found that misleading. Did not try the mobile portion. Only used the text and online portion. Great book!

  • Alyssa Belle - Snack and go

    I brought these to put into my lunch bag in the morning when I'm on the go. It's a perfect snack serving and it has three varieties to rotate around.

  • Judi E. - Does not live up to expectations

    I had high hopes for this device. I wear digital hearing aids and am always worried when I am active that I will loose them. I ordered two and was looking forward to trying them out in the classroom......do not waste your money. The background noise is so annoying; it is impossible to hear anything over it. Yes, you can turn it down, but, the reason I am wearing a hearing aid to begin with is because I need the amplification, so when I turn it down to reduce the background noise, I can not hear people speaking. I did return it and was promptly refunded, but, my advise is to put your money elsewhere.