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  • Crystal - Great purchase!

    Bought this house for my 2 small dogs and its their little mini mansion, nice and spacious pretty easy to assemble the whole locking in place parts I had a little trouble with so with the help of my sister we got it up. Love the plastic protection doors the screws for those you really have to turn them a few times to strip the plastic off a little but its extra sturdy I guess.

  • Bonnie Miller - Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat

    This is what my son and his wife requested for their new one. How can I not buy the best for my precious grand-daughter? They have 2 alike so it's easy to change in their vehicles and know their little one is safe.

  • Rebecca Barnes - Awesome Flashlight/Lantern combo is a power bank too!!!

    This emergency flashlight lantern combo is a great lantern to have around in those frequent power outages we have here on the Gulf Coast. It has three settings, ultra bright, bright, and an attention getting flasher. It can be charged using the included USB cord and has two handles for hanging. The best feature about this Ultra Bright Rechargeable Camping Lantern is that it can be used as a power bank to charge your cell phone and other devices. Brilliant!!! This lantern is very heavy duty and is perfect for campers, hunters, preppers, or anyone who loves overnight outdoor activities, but I bought it to keep handy for use during thunderstorms and Hurricanes, when the power goes out for days, sometimes weeks, at a time. The dual usage of having a very bright flashlight when you need one or a multi setting lantern for reading or lighting up the room really makes this rechargeable flashlight/lantern combo an absolute must to have on hand. I love this lantern, and have already needed it several times as we are currently in the middle of Hurricane season, and it has performed way beyond my expectations. The small size is deceptive because in all actuality this is a very powerful device, and one I plan to keep by my bedside at all times. Even though it is billed as a camping lantern, as I said before, it would be ideal for anyone who needs a good quality dependable light source independent of the power grid. This lantern arrived in just a couple of days, and was packed in several layers of inflatable wrapping in order to prevent any damage. Thank you Amazon, and thank you VITCHELO for an amazing lantern!!!

  • Thinkwell - No Phone Service and No Customer Service

    With the MagicJack Plus I have successfully made calls to cell phones and VOIP phones, but have not been able to call land lines. I can't even reach the land line in my house. I contacted their "customer service" by online chat (apparently the only way) two weeks in a row. Each time, the agent had me do all the obvious things, and finally said they were transferring me to "one of the top 10%" of their customer agents. The super agent repeated the ordinary agent's steps. Then they said they would resolve the problem and contact me when they had. I have yet to be contacted, and I have yet to get service.