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Botsford Hospital - Affiliated with Michigan State College of Osteopathic Medicine - Botsford Hospital, in Farmington Hills in southeastern Michigan, home page with information for patients and visitors about medical services, online services, maps, and news.

  • http://www.botsford.org/mybeaumontchart/ History and Milestones - Botsford Hospital - Botsford Hospital was built in 1965 and has grown from 110 beds to 330 beds and is now a campus of the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • http://www.botsford.org/medical_services/surgical_services/preparing/ Surgical Services - Preadmission - Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills - Botsford Hospital - Patient preadmission information for surgery at Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills.
  • http://www.botsford.org/medical_services/surgical_services/endoscopy/ Endoscopy Services - Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills - Botsford Hospital - Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills' Endoscopy Department performs gastrointestinal (GI) exams utilizing state-of-the-art GI Endoscopy rooms, furnished with the latest equipment for accuracy, quality and safety.
  • http://www.botsford.org/visitors/gift-of-life/ Visitors - Organ Donation Gift of Life - Botsford Hospital - Botsford Hospital participates in donate life initiative. Register to become an organ donor.
  • http://www.botsford.org/visitors/gift_shop/ Gift Shop - Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills - Botsford - Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills Gift Shop: cards, snacks, gifts, balloons, flower arrangements, books, baby items, and clothing. - Botsford
  • http://www.botsford.org/visitors/Wireless_Hotspot.html Visitors and Patients - Wi-Fi Information - Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills - Botsford - Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills offers several areas with WiFi wireless hotspots for Internet connectivity - Botsford.
  • http://www.botsford.org/pricing/ Guide to Your Medical Bills -Botsford Uninsured Assistance Program - Botsford Hospital - Price Estimate - Guide to Your Medical Bills - Price Estimate - Botsford Hospital Uninsured Assistance Program
  • http://www.botsford.org/medical_services/emergency_care/ Emergency & Trauma Center - Botsford Hospital - Botsford Hospital Emergency Center is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week and handles major and minor emergencies. Our ER is ranked in the top ten percent nationally in patient satisfaction.
  • http://www.botsford.org/medical_services/trauma/ Trauma Services - Botsford Hospital - Botsford Hospital Trauma Center is verified by the American College of Surgeons.
  • http://www.botsford.org/medical_services/orthopedics/joint_replacement.html Orthopedics - Joint Replacement - Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills - Orthopedic surgeons have done thousands of knee, hip and shoulder joint replacement surgeries since 1971 and have been pioneers in joint replacement techniques.
  • http://www.botsford.org/medical_services/rehabilitation/ Rehabilitation Locations - Beaumont - Farmington Hills - Botsford Hospital - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills has a team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists - Locations
  • http://www.botsford.org/rheu/ Botsford Rheumatology - We look forward to providing diagnostic and treatment services to you. Our clinic specializes in adult and pediatric rheumatology.
  • http://www.botsford.org/medical_services/sleep_therapy/ Sleep Therapy - Botsford Sleep Disorder Center - Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills - Botsford Hospital - Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills Sleep Disorder Center helps treat sleep disorders.
  • http://www.botsford.org/travel/ International Travel Clinic - Our team helps you take appropriate medical precautions to protect your health while you travel.
  • http://www.botsford.org/renew/ ReNew at Botsford - Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills - Botsford Hospital - ReNew medically-supervised weight management program at Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills.
  • http://www.botsford.org/medical_services/surgical_services/ Surgical Services - Botsford Hospital - Botsford Hospital surgical services staff provides patient-focused care that includes both your physical and emotional needs.
  • http://www.botsford.org/medical_services/daVinci/ da Vinic Robotic Surgery - Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills - Botsford Hospital - Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills offers da Vinci Robotic Surgery as an alternative to traditional open surgery.

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