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Accurate bioelectrical impedance analysis & BMI Calculators I Bodystat - Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) devices for body composition and body fat testing by medical, research and gym & fitness professionals.

  • http://www.bodystat.com/testimonials Bodystat BIA device reviews & testimonials - Read what medical, research and fitness professionals had to say about Bodystat and our range of BIA and BIS devices for body fat analysis and body composition.
  • http://www.bodystat.com/about Leading producers of BIA devices globally since 1990 | Bodystat - Since 1990 Bodystat have produced leading BIA devices specialising in phase angle for accurately testing core cellular health and body composition.
  • http://www.bodystat.com/products/1500 Bodystat1500 offers BIA for gyms, fitness and leisure professionals - The Bodystat 1500 is configured for weight management, body fat and body composition analysis primarily for gyms, fitness professionals and the leisure industry
  • http://www.bodystat.com/products/1500MDD Bodystat1500MDD BIA Device for whole body composition analysis - Bodystat 1500MDD is a portable BIA device offering advanced whole body composition analysis including intra and extra cellular water measurements & phase angle.
  • http://www.bodystat.com/products/quadscan Quadscan4000 is a multi-frequency medical BIA device - Quadscan is widely used as a medical bioelectrical impedance analysis device offering a portable solution for fluid assessment and Body Composition analysis.
  • http://www.bodystat.com/products/multiscan MultiScan5000 Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy (BIS) device - MultiScan5000 is a Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy (BIS) device for research & medical use with reports for hydration, body composition, cellular health & more
  • http://www.bodystat.com/who-can-benefit/health Body Composition Analysis for Health, Fitness & Leisure Industry - Bodystat offer BIA devices for gyms and fitness pros to provide their clients with accurate, advanced body composition analysis as an alternative to weight and BMI.
  • http://www.bodystat.com/who-can-benefit/medical Use Medical BIA devices for whole body composition analysis - Bodystat Medical BIA and BIS devices are accurate, fast and reliable for use in body composition analysis of patients to aid monitoring and aiding patient recovery.
  • http://www.bodystat.com/who-can-benefit/research Understand body composition, monitor your hydration & calculate BMI - Bodystat pioneer industry leading Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) devices for the research industry. Monitor recovery time, whole body composition, cellular health and much more.
  • http://www.bodystat.com/information/phase-angle Phase Angle to measure cellular health through the cell membrane integrity - Phase Angle is a critical part of many Bodystat BIA devices. Phase Angle is commonly accepted as a prognostic indicator of morbidity health & mortality.
  • http://www.bodystat.com/information/prediction-marker Bodystat's unique Prediction Marker, IMpedance Ratio to monitor hydration - Prediction Marker, unique to Bodystat is described by The ESPEN “Blue” Bootk as a “newer way to evaluate cell membrane function” and a “reliable guide to prognosis”

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  • RoyBlaze - Used older version without guides, love the guide feature.

    I have the older version without the guides and it is better than dowels or bisquits or anything. Been building my own furniture for 25 years and find this tool to be outstanding. I'm sure with the guides it will be even better.

  • J. Franklin H. - Incomplete reviews

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  • G. Bush - Fooled again by Intuit

    Intuit continues to put out low quality software and I continue to buy it each year like a chump since 1989. This is it...no more. The budget function doesn't work. It is a known bug and has been on the message board for two weeks and it still isn't fixed.

  • Ringer - These are the real deal

    After reading some of the 1 Star reviews claiming that these Ray-Bans were knock-offs, I was a little skeptical about ordering them. But after talking to an Amazon rep who assured me that any item sold by Amazon was 100% authentic, I placed my order. I received them in two days (thanks Prime) and couldn't be happier. I had been wearing a knock-off pair for the past couple of years and could tell immediately that these were authentic. Excellent product at a fantastic price. Thank you Amazon.