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Lower Back Pain - Causes, Treatment, Prevention, Relief - Back pain is frequently the result of inadequate muscle strength, shortened muscles, poor posture, being overweight, poor bending and lifting techniques.

  • http://www.bigbackpain.com/other_back_conditions.html Back Conditions Overview - Though most back pain is caused by muscle or ligament strain, there are other back conditions that result in back pain.
  • http://www.bigbackpain.com/preventing_back_pain.html Back Pain Prevention Overview - Back Pain can be prevented by exercising the muscles that support the back, good posture, safe bending and lifting techniques, weight control.
  • http://www.bigbackpain.com/back_pain_treatment.html Back Pain Treatment - When one treatment provides partial but not sufficient relief of back pain, a combination of treatments may be needed.
  • http://www.bigbackpain.com/back_exercises.html Back Pain Exercises with pictures | BigBackPain.com - Back Exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the spine can prevent, reduce and in some cases eliminate lower back pain. Stretching shortened muscles that are pulling the spine out of alignment can also relieve lower back pain.
  • http://www.bigbackpain.com/complementary_treatments.html Complementary Treatments, alternative medicine for Back Pain - Complementary treatments are used in conjunction with conventional treatment for back pain.
  • http://www.bigbackpain.com/sciatica.html Sciatica - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Relief | BigBackPain.com - Sciatica, pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve, anywhere from the lower back, buttocks, down back of leg to the foot, is caused by inflammation or compression of the sciatic nerve or nerve roots in the lower spine or by damage to nerve roots.
  • http://www.bigbackpain.com/muscle-injuries.html Back Strain and Sprain - Pulled Back Muscles and Ligaments - Back muscle strain is a common cause of lower back pain. Muscle strain can be caused by overuse of a muscle or overloading a muscle. A strain is a muscle or tendon injury; a sprain is a ligament injury.
  • http://www.bigbackpain.com/post_injury.html Back Pain Post-Injury Exercise | BigBackPain.com - Many people with back pain don't know whether it is safe to do exercises or if exercises will worsen their condition. It all depends on the cause of the back pain.
  • http://www.bigbackpain.com/posture.html Proper and Poor Posture - Swayback, Slouching - Poor posture (sitting, standing, or lying down) makes the back more vulnerable to injuries and back pain; weak or shortened muscles and fatigue contribute to poor posture and back pain.
  • http://www.bigbackpain.com/aerobicexercise.html Aerobic Exercise | BigBackPain.com - Weight bearing aerobics (legs supporting weight of body) such as brisk walking prevent bone loss in the legs, hips and lower spine as well as tone and increase muscular endurance of the legs and the core (hips, buttocks, abs, and lower back). Increased endurance of the core reduces the incidence of back pain.

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