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Dermatology, Los Angeles California treating STD, Skin Diseases-Cancer and more - Dermatology is a specialized field for many types of skin conditions:Herpes Simplex, Shingles, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Skin Diseases; Psoriasis, Tinea, Keratosis, Skin Cancer

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  • Sassy's Secrets.. - Works Incredibly Fast.. Doesn't Burn or Smell Bad.. Love the Natural Formula..

    I love that this cream doesn't burn or tingle my skin. It is so much better than other creams I have used in the past.The scent is very mild too. No one even knows that I just applied it. This 'LivRelief' Cream is incredibly easy to use. It glides on and absorbs quickly. I really like that the formula is natural. It works fast and soaks deep into my sore arthritis. I was able to feel a difference in my pain and aching within minutes.

  • Textbook Reader - Refrigerating unused and unopened Sugru to triple shelf life is totally untrue

    Purchased sugru 8 pack from Amazon in Oct 2014. Per recommendations on Sugru's site and on the label of the 8 pack that the shelf life of the product can be tripled by refrigeration, I put the entire pack in the refrigerator. Fast forward to Sept 19, 2015. The plastic on my car's wireless remote door lock opener fob broke so that I could no longer keep it on my keychain. I pulled the sugru pack out of the refrigerator where it had been continuously for less than a year.

  • Terri Fossey - DEFINATELY NOT WEN!

    I thought I'd give this a try since I really, really love WEN but feel the price is too high. It seems that I had to use more of Hair One than I do of WEN. Hair One was actually hard to get off my hands, it does not easily let your fingers glide through your hair like WEN. There was also a major difference in the fragrance...WEN smells amazing and Hair One is just an OK normal shampoo smell. After cleansing, my hair felt much more dried out as compared to using WEN. My hair "looked" good, but it did not "feel" as healthy and soft as when I used WEN. While the price is more of what I would like to pay, the performance was nowhere near that of WEN. So, I will not be buying Hair One again and even though I love WEN I will only be able to buy it when I get gift cards for Christmas and birthdays or if I win the lottery!

  • Jill Acker - Immune System Need A Boost?

    Never felt better! This little capsule packs a punch for your immune system. We all can benefit from a boosted immune system, and Transfer Factor by 4Life delivers those amazing molecules for your system to fight or ward off allergy, bacterial, viral or fungal issues. We have used this for years with great success.

  • Danielle levy - Amazing how much I learned from this

    I bought this with the asvab flash cards and I'm proud to say I scored an 89 on my overall and I scored nothing lower then 78 in all 9 subjects of the asvab ! I highly recommend it if you want to have a big selection when it comes to joining the military