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Pharmacist Ben Fuchs Bright Side Radio Show Archive - Youngevity and Dr Joel Wallach - Pharmacist Ben Fuchs radio show archives. Ben Fuchs archive is a directory of all the Bright Side Ben radio show broadcasts produced by the Genesis Communications Network - GCN, Youngevity and DR Joel Wallach

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  • Rick Anderson - the sound quality is great

    These headphones are very comfy. They come with 3 different sized earbuds so you can rest assured one of them will fit at least! The cable joining them is tangle free and thick - I don't think it will be splitting any time soon. The controls are easily accessible on the earbud, and the sound quality is great. They stayed in my ears too, even while out on a brisk walk. I think they are exceptional quality for the price, and recommend them to anyone who is an avid exercise fan.

  • Erickj - Not for me

    Headaches, strange sweat odor, and minimal results. Don't buy because the label looks enticing. I didn't notice anything crazy except for the headaches about half way through my workouts.

  • Doug - No need to hold out purchasing if you're running a much older version!

    I've been running Quick Books 2000 for over 14 years and never wanted to upgrade because I enjoyed the ease of using it. After buying different computers over that time, I misplaced my CD and didn't have it to load onto my new CPU. In 2008 I was told by a QB representative that I couldn't upgrade to a current version since my 2000 was no longer supported, so I just held out until now. I thought I was going to have to rebuild my entire company profile, general ledger, vendors, customers and everything else. I dreaded thinking of it but when I was ready to do so, I bought and loaded 2014 and the first thing it asked me was "do you have a company profile from another version of QB you would like to load?". I freaked out !!! and thought, "well mine version is 14 years old, how could the data fields be compatible?" I backed up my old version, put the backup media into my new CPU and proceeded installing QB Pro 2014. It took about 4 minutes but it opened my company EXACTLY as I have it on my old computer with the complete accounting history from day 1. That's quite amazing! Not one bit of data was corrupted or missing. And the nice thing is that entering data into 2014 is the same format as my QB 2000, so there was very little learning curve. I was up and running in a matter of minutes. 2014 is easy to use, just a bit slower in loading up after being shut down, but it's a breeze to use. Thanks QB for saving me hours and perhaps days from manually restoring data!!

  • Amazon Customer - Great just over a year until it died

    Loved the tactile feel of this keyboard and the click when actuated. However, just over a year after I ordered it (one month after warranty expiration) the USB connector fell off the internal circuit board. After taking it apart and resoldering it, I still ended up with a nonfunctional keyboard. Long-lived mechanical key switches don't do you much good on a keyboard that can't be connected. The BlackWidow Ultimate (on which I am typing this review) was bought at the same time, has all the advantages, and has a very well-connected permanent USB cord. It's pricier and a bit heavier than this one - although I will say that this one isn't exactly lightweight, either.

  • Teresa - Holy hell!

    This is the most amazing book I've read in a long time. EVERYONE should read every single book she has written NOW!