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Beaumont Health System | Part of Beaumont Health - Beaumont Health System includes three hospitals and several community-based medical centers and nursing homes in Southeast Michigan.

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  • Nancy Wood - AZO tablets diminish bladder sensitivity

    I think I caused my bladder to be extra sensitive by drinking strong decaf tea brewed in the micro-wave. The AZO tablets decrease that sensitivity significantly although not 100%.

  • Ruth Smith - and they have been excellent, so I was keen to get the latest

    I have had previous versions of Hallmark Card Studio, and they have been excellent, so I was keen to get the latest. The 2014 version has so many more cards and projects and I am really enjoying using it.

  • Gretchen S. - Best floss!

    I'm a dental hygienist and this is by far the best floss I've ever used. I used to swear by Glide, which is a great floss, but now am a total convert. This floss provides "grip" when you slide it up and down against the tooth, instead of merely slipping around. I ran out of Cocofloss (back to buy more) and have been using the Glide from work but it's not the same. I just don't feel like traditional floss is doing anything for me. The taste is mild and pleasant (I love the coconut the best because it smells like vacation).

  • Kelly - Strong Collection

    Another wonderful short story collection. Favorites included Tom Bissell's "A Bridge Under Water" (which reminded me a bit of "Hills Like White Elephants"), Sam Lipsyte's "The Dungeon Master," Steven Millhauser's "Phantoms" (which actually frightened me), Joyce Carol Oates's "ID," Richard Powers's "To the Measures Fall," George Saunders's "Escape from Spiderhead," and Mark Slouka's "The Hare's Mask." That's a lot of favorites, but that's how good this collection is. To me, the best things about an anthology are quality of writing ("best of..."), variety of style, and the chance to discover new writers. This year delivers on all three.

  • William - Much too hot

    The temp is set way to high at 140 degrees. The water is hot enough to burn you. 120 degrees would be much better.