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  • Jimmy - Jumped timing once, twice, three! Heavy duty it is NOT.

    This is not a heavy duty machine plain and simple. More like a little Ford Ranger dress up like a Ford HD. Same drive train as the Ranger with the HD body on it. Now, I admit I am a novice at sewing, you know just the odds and ends projects and an occasional mend and patches. Here's the deal - The first machine I had for less that 1hr and took it back! Jumped timing simply sewing a fly rod case. And when the 2nd machine jumped timing I took to get it repaired. Hmm, maybe its something I'm doing wrong? A week later I got it back. I was on my second fleece beanie when bam! Jumped timing again. Its fleece for gods sake! OK, I know its through double seams but that's why I wanted Heavy duty!!!!!!!!! Thanks to YouTube I took a lesson in sewing machine repair 101 and learned how to fix it myself. Trust me if you use this machine you better be mechanically inclined and be able to use YouTube cuz its going to jump time I guarantee it. And unless you want to wait a week for the machine to get repaired each time it jumps time you'll need to school up one some sewing machine timing repair 101. Its not a bad machine don't get me wrong for Suzy pillow maker - But as for me NO. I surely believe calling it Heavy duty is very misleading.. well, Misleading may be an understatement - False advertising seem more appropriate.

  • Jorge L. Garcia - A miracle cure for everything except death

    A miracle oil that cures everything except death. I can write a book about the amazing results of this oil. I have many testimonies but I will only list the two most important ones just to give you an idea of how amazing this product is. I want to start off by telling you I'm not getting paid for this review I'm not getting any benefits from this company I am not getting this product at a reduced price. My experience using this product has been so epic that I must share it with everyone.

  • Dudley Fairbrass - The revenge of Gluey George

    I am a lawyer and therefore unlike most of you redneck hicks. I enjoy the finer things in life - croquet, pennie loafers, eating swan and Michael Buble. I have gone through my life with a total self confidence and a complete understanding of who I was. I have never had my outlook on life jeopardised or challenged. Never that was until one fateful February afternoon.

  • michelle moore - Great conditioner for natural hair

    I love all Design Essential products. This is the only line that has worked for my natural hair. My hair has grown and it's soft. I love the tingling feeling of the conditioner. Love it!

  • Mrs. Washington - Great series

    A Must read!!! It had the perfect mix of drama and laughter and heartfelt moments. I would love to read about juvie and solai as they become more solid in their relationship. I would also love to read more about Anika and lano, just thought I'd throw that out there.