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  • deFox - 2015 Element is great. 2.4G Air Mouse Remote Control is DOA UPDATED

    I would have normally given this five stars if it were not for the problems with the remote. This is the second 2015 Element Ti4Quad Core Android TV Box I have purchased this year. These units work great for my needs. The original one that I purchased four months ago had a simple remote control. I just attached a wireless mouse to the box and I was good to go. I was able to watch TV, movies, do business presentations, and just about anything I needed to do. So, I purchased the one I am rating this time. However, it came with a ST3gear 2.4G Air Mouse Remote Control. I thought, "What a great upgrade. It even has a keyboard on the flip side." However, I could never get it to work. It must have had an electrical short in it because within just a few moments of attempted use, it destroyed the new batteries. One of the batteries was down to 50% and the other was down to 80% strength. Thinking it might have been bad batteries (however, I had just opened a new package) I installed two new batteries. The same think happened.

  • Nsxdavid - Service like you wouldn't believe!

    Look, everyone is telling you this car is amazing. IT IS. See every other review for more on that.

  • Jennifer Petty - Loving this book so much - I will listen to this again and again on Audible!

    This book has brought me so much joy listening to it on Audible this week! As a business owner, you feel like no one can relate to your problems. Listening to this wonderful story from two people I admire so much brought tears to my eyes at times. I feel like they are kindred spirits with me and my husband and this has been the best story I have heard in a very long while. You deserve much success and happiness Chip and Jo - keep doin' what you're doin' and makin' us Texans so proud!!!

  • Nikolay Makarov - much better as any battery-powered unit

    Works as expected, much better as any battery-powered unit, as it has more power from AC. Too sad it's dry-only - would be nice to be able to wash it...

  • Brent D. Nolan - Dreams do come true!

    One of those lifelong dreams fulfilled! Many of my favorite guitarists play a Les Paul. Now, I can start on the next phase of the dream, playing it well.