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Home - AtlanteExport - Atlante Export è un’iniziativa commerciale volta alla promozione della commercializzazione di prodotti italiani di nicchia verso l’Estero.Al fine di superare le barriere che spesso impediscono alla nostra tradizione culinaria più autentica di varcare i confini, Atlante Export raccoglie i prodotti di diversi produttori italiani in un paniere, garantendo la varietà agli acquirenti, oltre al rispetto di volumi minimi per la sostenibilità economica delle spedizioni.

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 11.8833 Province of Arezzo, Italy

  • Megan Balongue - Awesome product

    This was recommended by a friend who happened to be a mechanic, which I am not. My car was overheating, I believe there was oil in my water and I was leaking water from some unknown location. My fiancé followed directions and even looked up online more specific instructions. Apparently it is very important not to take short cuts when using this product. Well it's been three weeks now and no more leaks or overheating. Definitely worth the money. This product saved me tons in repair bills! I definitely would and have recommend this to a friend. Sorry for the vague review, I know little about repairing a car and did not help in the application of product. All I know is it works and it saved me money!

  • Wildfower - Nice game with very little instructions

    I have played through the game and it is fun but I have a few complaints. There are no instructions on game play in the manual and you learn while playing and reading the instructions. The instructions are hard to read and are gone before I have time to finish reading them and I am an adult. I'm sure children 10 and above would have a difficult time reading them. Then you are expected to do what was written and with no instruction manual and no way to repeat the written instructions then what is it you are to do is hard to figure out. You can with a little practice get the hang of it though. The chore of picking up brick and studs gets in the way of the game play because you need so many of them to build anything or buy anything the the game play seem to be stalled at times.

  • Jim Champaigne - Good start for newbies

    I spent about 30 years using FoxPro, dBase etc and never got into Visual Basic or Access. This book is well constructed, easy to follow and has good examples.

  • TRob - This is my go-to protein product. Has many extras ...

    This is my go-to protein product. Has many extras so you don't have to take 10 different powders. When I'm maintaining, I take one scoop after workouts. If I'm bulking, then I take two scoops.