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  • Joe G - If it tells the truth

    If this item is telling the truth about my daily scans, I have between 200 and 2000 privacy issues. I'm not sure if it's true, but my computer operates faster since I started using it regularly.

  • mita - it works !

    First I will say that I live in a building. I notice I was having a mice problem. I tried everything out there possible with no success. Living in a building doest help the situation either ,especially if I'm the only one trying to do something about it. So Iwent from having a mice problem to an infestation basicly. So I was at my witts end when I did some reasearch on how to get rid of mice and ran into this product. So I decided why not give this a try as it was my last resort. I have to say it really does work. The onlyproblem is that since ilive in a building it kind of hard to keep them ALL away but for the most part iI dont see them anymore or hear them in my wall. only thing i did notice is that maybe one still comes in. But I don't find mice droppings everywhere like I use to. Now I just have to figure out how to keep the one the still comes into my apt. Because altho there's a cab placed there it still comes in and its only in one area. I think a house of trailer or something like that it would work better because you don't have neighbors that don't do anything about the issue. BTW I place a fresh cab pouch in every room closet and corner of my apt. I love the smell it does have. I think I might have to replace them tho after a month of use comparedto what iI read that u can use it for a couple of months. But I like this product and will buy again. Definaly worth the try.

  • Cstar - They designed the WORST battery compartment

    Omg it arrived broken but I didn't know it until after I had installed the app. They designed the WORST battery compartment. The cover(?) was missing/broken when it arrived and looked as though someone has tried to put the battery in but failed. Ugh

  • Bing Zhu - This is good software for the musicians

    This is good software for the musicians. It has the main functionalities of the ,music editor and easy to use. I like it.