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Arms Acres | Drug Rehab Centers in NY | Addiction Treatment - Arms Acres offers outpatient and inpatient addiction treatment. Our drug rehab center in NY is located in Carmel, offering a wide variety of treatment programs.

  • http://www.armsacres.com/admissions NY Drug Rehab Admission | Arms Acres | Arms Acres - If you or a loved one are in need of substance abuse treatment, please call our intake department at 1-888-227-4641 for NY Drug Rehab admissions
  • http://www.armsacres.com/behavioral-health-programs Programs | Arms Acres - Programming at Arms Acres is administered under the careful and compassionate direction of professionally licensed Physicians, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Social
  • http://www.armsacres.com/detox-program Detox Program | Arms Acres - Arms Acres is a leader in providing medically supervised detoxification and crisis counseling services to patients throughout the Northeast. A multidisciplinary
  • http://www.armsacres.com/gender-specific-rehabilitation Adult Rehabilitation | Arms Acres - For both the women’s and men’s program, Arms Acres utilizes an evidenced –based curriculum which includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational
  • http://www.armsacres.com/adolescent-behavioral-healthcare Adolescent Program | Arms Acres - Arms Acres offers inpatient and outpatient treatment to substance abusing adolescents by treating the disease of chemical dependency with the goal of
  • http://www.armsacres.com/family-program Family Program | Arms Acres - WELCOME TO THE FAMILY PROGRAM AT ARMS ACRES Arms Acres offers a FULL DAY Family Program. Our Program is designed to help family members and loved ones gain an
  • http://www.armsacres.com/fitness-recreation-program Fitness / Recreation Program | Arms Acres - Mind, Body, Spirit Arms Acres offers dynamic, diverse. fitness and expressive art therapy programs. The Arms Acres philosophy is “everybody is capable of
  • http://www.armsacres.com/outpatient-services Outpatient Services | Arms Acres - Arms Acres Outpatient Clinics are designed to provide a broad range of treatment to clients in need of alcohol or substance abuse counseling. Outpatient
  • http://www.armsacres.com/outpatient Outpatient | Arms Acres - OUR MISSION: Arms Acres is a private health care system providing the highest quality professional treatment to those suffering from chemical dependency, co
  • http://www.armsacres.com/outpatient/bronx-outpatient Bronx Outpatient | Arms Acres - Bronx Outpatient Clinic Phone: 718-653-1537 3584 Jerome Avenue Bronx, NY 10467 Clinic Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-8:00pm       
  • http://www.armsacres.com/outpatient/carmel Carmel Outpatient | Arms Acres - Carmel Outpatient Clinic Phone: 845-704-6133 75 Seminary Hill Road Carmel, NY 10512 Clinic Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-7:00pm Sat-Sun: 9:00am-3
  • http://www.armsacres.com/outpatient/queens Queens Outpatient | Arms Acres - Queens Outpatient Clinic Phone: 718-520-1513 80-02 Kew Gardens Rd Kew Gardens, NY 11415 Clinic Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-7:00pm Sat-Sun: 9:00am-3:00pm
  • http://www.armsacres.com/email-patients Email Patients | Arms Acres - Please read the following before sending your message. Note, attachments will be deleted before they reach Arms Acres. "Receiving this e-mail does not mean
  • http://www.armsacres.com/psychiatric-services Psychiatric Services | Arms Acres - Arms Acres understands the substance abuse and mental health disorder connection and the potential implications that this relationship poses and the attention
  • http://www.armsacres.com/community-relations Community Relations | Arms Acres - Arms Acres has community relations staff available for information, free assessments and referral. These representatives, all experienced in the field of
  • http://www.armsacres.com/alumni Alumni | Arms Acres - Arms Acres will be hosting the next Alumni Gathering on November 20, 2016. ARMS ACRES IS NOW ON FACEBOOK! Click HERE to visit and receive updates
  • http://www.armsacres.com/equine-therapy-program Equine Therapy Program | Arms Acres - Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is an emerging field in which horses are used as a tool for emotional growth and learning. EAP is a collaborative effort between
  • http://www.armsacres.com/about-us About Us | Arms Acres - Learn about the history of Arms Acres, a 154-bed licensed facility, providing inpatient treatment for those suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs.
  • http://www.armsacres.com/contact-us Contact Us | Arms Acres - It is now easier than ever to contact Arms Acres. We are available by phone, e-mail, web, and several social networks! Get in touch with us
  • http://www.armsacres.com/directions Directions | Arms Acres - Arms Acres Address:75 Seminary Hill Road Carmel, New York 10512 Phone: 845-225-3400 Toll Free Phone: 800
  • http://www.armsacres.com/hr-employment-opportunities Careers | Arms Acres - HR & Employment Opportunities If you are interested in any of the opportunities below, please make note of the Req. # and reference this in the submission
  • http://www.armsacres.com/frequently-asked-questions Frequently Asked Questions | Arms Acres - 1. Can I have contact with my loved one while he/she is in treatment at Arms Acres? Contact with the outside world is limited for our patients. A pay phone is

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    I am 37 weeks pregnant and have been fighting pregnancy acne since week one. Mostly on my cheeks and jawline, it has left pink and purple discoloration where the lesions have dried and healed. I'm not a big fan of foundation because I don't like my face feeling cakey or the look of something painted on the skin like foundation can have. I mostly use tinted moisturizer or more recently, Tarte CC cream just to even my skin tone. I started using this product to cover the red discoloration from the acne and it is doing well. I have fair skin (skin type 2 on the 1-6 scale) and while it looks dark in the container it does blend fairly well, especially when mixed with my lighter CC cream. I apply it to clean skin with my finger like the instructions say and then use my CC cream over it and blend with a foundation brush. It can get dry and cakey around my nasal creases if I apply too much. However, it does stay matte throughout the day which is great because I tend to get oily in the afternoon; I was always applying powder after lunch but don't seem to need that as much using this product. It's not perfect but I do like it.

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    I have used and sold this product for the last 5 years and have always been satisfied with its effectiveness. Yes, it does smell. But it smells just like cedar, which it is clearly stated to be made of, so how can you complain about that? My boyfriend is allergic to cedar but doesn't seem to be agitated by the wondercide even after I spray the entire apartment, cats, and dog.

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    Learned a lot. Dan Balz talked to a lot of people when writing this book. It's shows how much information he had on hand. It's a very unbiased book with and not bitchy towards anyone.


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  • FloridaTechie - Great components for the price, Strong Frame

    I spent a long time researching hardtail 29er bikes when I decided to buy one. The LBS had bikes in my price range but with inferior component groups and mechanical rather than hydraulic disc brakes.The Diamondback had the best component group and hydraulic disc brakes for the price I wanted to pay. 10 speed cassette for this price is unheard of. The frame got wonderful reviews online and I agree it is solid. Assembling the bike is more complicated than road bikes because of the disc brakes and a more detailed instruction guide would have been helpful. The brake pads squeal some as they are braking in but the noise stopped after about 20 miles. Rolls over everything in its path and faster climbing than my old 26inch dual suspension Trek. The ride is bumpier because it is a hardtail but is considerably lighter. I have read that 29ers can be slower to turn in tight situations but did not find that to be the case with mine. My only complaint is the cheap seat that came with the bike. I also replace the pedals immediately with clip ins. Good value on Amazon.