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Arizona Rx Card - Free Statewide Prescription Assistance Program - The Arizona Rx Card program is a FREE statewide Rx assistance program available to all residents.

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  • Cynthia W - This was great. I missed the premier - I was so ...

    This was great. I missed the premier - I was so upset. Now I am caught up for the rest of the season!

  • Max Perry - I LOVE THIS SCANNER!

    I work in a small office for a company that sells medical supplies. We purchased this scanner, and in the course of 8 months, we have gone paperless in the office! I was able to scan all of the patient charts into the computer, and easily export the pdf files to our server. We are not computer experts, and had no trouble figuring out the software. I have had to call the company a couple of times for software glitches - mainly caused by my overtaxing the software, but I have always received help with a minimal amount of wait time. This is a fast scanner that can also scan in color or b/w on one or two sides. Depending on your application, you will have to back up and archive folders as they start getting too full (I'm talking over 5000 pages)or use it to make PDF files. It was the perfect solution for us, and was faster and more economical than any other scanner we looked at. Well worth buying!

  • Charles Burnell - Excellent Customer Support

    I have been using Avast! Internet Security for about a year. I'm happy with the service and the fact that it does not slow my computer noticeably. I used AVG (paid version) for a couple years but left them when I could not get them to respond to a support issue. I have used the customer support for Avast! several times. Each time I was able to quickly get the help I needed. I do not like some of the features on this product - especially the spam filter. One of my calls to customer service was to find out how to remove it. (The answer: go to Control Panel/Programs and Features where you can modify the installation and remove specific components.) Avast! has caught a number of malware coming in to my email and prevented problems. This is a very good feature and different from the spam filter.

  • Foxxy - I wish they worked for me , but no

    I'm very disappointed with the product I bought . And I bought 2 ... I have a very small 1 bedroom , and a small dog . The main reason I got them for was a roach maybe once a month , a spider here and there , and to keep fleas off my dog , she is a inside dog , she goes to the bathroom on p.p. pads . Never goes out . I installed them both , aug. 2nd ,one in the kitchen and one in the living room thinking that would be enough . O.m.g. I've been flipping out , I know it says the first 2 weeks you'd see more because they want to get away . I hate roaches , I have had roaches since then , ever night I get up about 11:00 p.m. Just to kill roaches. My poor dog's belly had at last count 12 fleas on her , I killed a good amount of spiders and there the only thing that hasn't come back ! So I waited now almost 8 weeks to do this review to see if it took awhile to work , and I'm sorry to say , it hasn't . I actually spray every night with roach spay , it's like they've moved in . Maybe it works differently for other people . But that's my luck .

  • Eric Owers - Very good, BUT . . . . .

    This was a very routine purchase and installation, which is good. I installed it routinely, as advertised, on my two computers - a desktop, and a netbook. The software arrived on schedule, and was adequately packaged. It was a relief to do a routine installation. Primarily I use MS Access, and have been using it for 20 years, ever since Access was introduced in the mid 1990's. I have written extensive Access programs, using Visual Basic (VBA). I think that this is the first clean installation I've had in all those years, and all of my Access programs operated perfectly. The only complaint is that with the compiled version of the Access applications (the ACCDE executable), the user has access to the 'Privacy Options' via the File menu, which is a serious integrity exposure. Previous versions of Access did not permit that. Microsoft's answer is to rename the ACCDE to ACCDR. That works, but obviously, the user can do another rename to change it back to ACCDE. So, a mixed reaction - a good clean purchase, shipment, and installation, but disappointed with that one exposure. That's why I rated it a 4 versus a 5.

  • L. Koehn - Works Great!!

    I've been using this product for a couple of months now and really like it. My hair feels much healthier. After about a week of use I have to use my regular shampoo because I feel like a get a build up. When I use my regular shampoo I can really tell just how much more drying it is on my hair.

  • Hey Man Jesus Saves - Man, this book is a must have for all ...

    Man, this book is a must have for all Christians as we live and experience the world as it is today. I thank God for books such as this. Thanks God! (Spoken while pointing both index fingers toward the Heavens)