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ARcare - Arkansas Doctor, Dentist, Pediatrician, Family Practice Physician - Affordable healthcare for ALL, personalized care for YOU. Providing rural Arkansas with high quality healthcare and community services for all patients -newborn to older adults.

  • http://www.arcare.net/PatientInformation/InsurancesWeAccept Insurances We Accept | ARcare - At ARcare, we accept Medicare, Medicaid, ARKids, and most major insurance plans.
  • http://www.arcare.net/AboutUs Affordable Healthcare For All - ARcare Primary Care Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, HIV Care - About Us - Providing affordable healthcare to meet the primary medical and dental care needs of the residents in rural Arkansas.
  • http://www.arcare.net/AboutUs/Affiliations ARcare Affiliations - We maintain numerous affiliations ensure we fulfill "affordable healthcare for all"
  • http://www.arcare.net/AboutUs/ARcareer ARcareer - We’re always looking for talented professionals. Submit your resume today to become part of the ARcare team.
  • http://www.arcare.net/FindaLocation Find a Location | ARcare - Find a location nearest you. We have several locations throughout rural Arkansas.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services Family Physician, Doctor, Pediatrician, Dentist, Pharmacy - Multiple Locations Across Arkansas - Our Services - Healthcare for All, individualized care for YOU. ARcare offers a broad range of techniques and bring you the latest advancements in health care.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/FamilyPractice Family Practice Doctor Arkansas | Affordable Healthcare ARcare, ARkids, Medicaid - Our ARcare doctors treat everything from sore throats, earaches, and the flu to rashes, sprains, and stomach aches. Our family practice physicians also provide yearly physicals and preventive screenings.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/Cardiology Chest Pain, Heart Doctor, ARcare Cardiology | Arkansas Cardiac Stress Testing - ARcare Heart Doctors offer specialized treatment for chest pain, heart attack, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, angina, and all other conditions related to the heart and its blood vessel system.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/ChronicDisease Chronic Disease Management, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure - Arkansas - ARcare Doctors - ARcare is your source for treatment and management of chronic conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, lung disease, thyroid disease, arthritis, and more.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/ChronicDisease/DiabetesSelfManagement Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management Arkansas | ARcare Diabetic Education Program | Discount Healthcare - Everything you need to know to stay healthy and avoid medical complications. You can receive care for diabetes at ARcare, regardless of your ability to pay.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/OralHealthDentistry Discount Dentist Des Arc & Augusta, AR | ARcare Family Dentistry | Affordable Dental Care - Our ARcare dentists treat patients with insurance, those without insurance, and those that are underinsured. Family dental care for year checkups, cavities, tooth pain, missing or cracked teeth and more.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/WomensHealth OB/GYN, Prenatal Care, Women's Health Arkansas | ARcare Obstetrics, Gynecology - We offer services on a sliding fee scale. OB/GYN care from menstrual periods, family planning, pregnancy, heavy menstrual periods, teen pregnancy, STD and menopause to postmenopausal concerns.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/Pharmacy ARcare Pharmacy - Parkin & Brinkley, Arkansas - Affordable pharmacy services to the Parkin and Brinkley communities in Arkansas.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/HIVProgram ARcare HIV Program - Do you know your HIV status? To receive confidential HIV testing, call the office nearest you.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/Pediatrics/CenterforEducationWellness Center for Education & Wellness - ARCare Augusta AR - A year-round program, our Center for Education and Wellness offers before and after school programs with breakfast, snack and lunch provided. Ask about our summer program.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/Pediatrics/CenterforEducationWellness/Programs Augusta Center Programs - Infants, Preschool, Children up to 12 - Our center in Augusta provides high quality curriculum-based educational programs for infants, preschool-aged and children up to 12.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/Pediatrics/CenterforEducationWellness/PediatricClinic On-site Pediatric Clinic - Augusta, AR - Immunizations, Physicals - We also offer an on-site pediatric clinic that provides care to children of the Augusta community and surrounding areas, from birth to age 18.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/Pediatrics/CenterforEducationWellness/HoursFees Hours and Fees - ARCare Education & Wellness Center - Open 6am to 6pm. Providing before and afterschool education for infants and children up to age 12 in Augusta, AR.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/Pediatrics/CenterforEducationWellness/Volunteer Volunteer Opportunities at ARCare Education & Wellness Center Augusta, AR - We are a non-profit childcare facility that depends on volunteers to help us meet the needs of our community.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/Pediatrics/CenterforEducationWellness/NutritionalMenus Nutritional Menus - Augusta Before & After School, Full Time Programs - We provide nutritional breakfasts, lunches and snacks to the children in our programs.
  • http://www.arcare.net/Services/Pediatrics/CenterforEducationWellness/ContactUs ARCare Center for Education & Wellness - Augusta, GA - Contact Us - Trust us with your most precious resource. We provide discount, quality childcare from birth to age 18 at our Augusta Education & Wellness Center.
  • http://www.arcare.net/ARcareHIVOffices ARcare HIV Offices - These offices provide HIV social services. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm.
  • http://www.arcare.net/FAQsAboutRyanWhiteProgram FAQs About Ryan White Program - If you are HIV positive, you may qualify for assistance with medical care and some other service
  • http://www.arcare.net/HIVInformationResources HIV Information & Resources | ARcare - ARcare is committed to HIV/AIDS community awareness by participating in outreach activities, such as education seminars and health fairs.
  • http://www.arcare.net/PatientInformation Patient Information | ARcare - ARcare is a private non-profit corporation developed to provide affordable care to residents in rural Arkansas.

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  • Reese67 - WORKS GREAT!!! A++

    I originally got this product for my teenage daughters but I have used it as well and it is Wonderful! One of my daughters has severe acne and nothing she did was working to get rid of it. I decided to try Proactiv and it got rid of her stubborn acne almost overnight. I'll admit I was skeptical about it for a long time, but as a last resort I bought it and I am so happy I did. It works on everyone I tried it on! I occasionally get some acne on my cheeks and when I use Proactiv by the next day it is almost all gone, in 2 days it totally disappeared! I would recommend trying it if you haven't. It works great and I give it 5 stars!

  • Jeanne E. Bonaguro - Lives up to the hype!

    I love love love this elliptical. After I had my baby and went back to work I just didn't have the time to go to a gym and 18 mos later still had 15 lbs to lose so I got this for my birthday present. I did a ton of research […]is a great source)and stretched my budget to get this machine and it was so worth it. Sole also comes with the best warranty in this price range: 5 yrs parts & electronics & 2 yrs labor- no one else comes close. I went to Dick's and tried out this and the E25 and the difference was astounding: the E35 is so much smoother, it just feels sturdy and well-made, like a club-quality elliptical. Putting it together was a little time-consuming but not that difficult as the main part is put together- you basically attach the handles, console and a bunch of covers over the joints. I've been using it for 3 weeks now, 4-5x's a week and it is very quiet and smooth- I recommend this to anyone who doesn't have the budget for the $2K+ machines.

  • Ruth A walch - not happy with restore

    Spent many hours getting our old deck ready and many hours applying the restore. Deck looked so good. We have very little foot traffic on the deck. Never used a snow shovel on the deck.This spring, lots of peeling paint. All our work was for nothing!

  • Renee Callahan - Curbing hunger

    Received this a few days ago and it does take the edge off hunger. Taste is good. Will continue to use I hopes of getting rid of these 10 pounds.

  • Randee Heitzmann - Please ignore 1 stars they didn't follow obvious directions

    First of all, I've read some of the other reviews on this product and I feel like I have to say, YOUR ARTIST HAS TO WIPE OFF THE GEL BEFORE THEY BEGIN TATTOOING. The fact that I even have to say that is very strange. I hope everyone using this is only getting work done by a professional. Secondly, for best effect, shower in hot water, shave the area to be tattooed yourself, then towel dry off and apply a thick coat of the gel and cover in saran wrap... keep the saran wrap covered with something that'll keep it warm if you can. It'll help keep your pores open so your skin actually absorbs the gel. I have a three ft phoenix on my side that I would not be able to sit through without this. After about an hour I could feel the needle, but not near the extreme that I would without. I would 100% recommend this product to use for all of your tattoos. No issues with ink, either. I have every color in the rainbow on my side and they all took perfect and are super vibrant!

  • Bonnie - I only use sporadically, so I really can't review ...

    I only use sporadically, so I really can't review. The downside is it darkens your gray. I say downside because I'm growing my grey out, and want to see my grays.