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Anticoagulation-trials: Anticoagulation-trials - This website is a free of charge service from Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH. The page includes a summary of phase III clinical trials, an overview of indications under investigation by the different drugs and helpful services for Patients and healthcare professionals.

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  • threefinker - Napalm's second cousin

    You really have to follow the instructs with this stuff...leave it on your skin for no more than 7-8 minutes (even though it says 4-5). My hair is coarse and dark (especially the hair on my chest) and does not come off after 5 minutes of using this product. After the first attempt failed and left spots of hair, I foolishly lathered a thick coating of this all over my chest and nipples for a second time and left it on for about 12 minutes. The hair came off this time, but now it looks and feels like a chicken's ball sack and burns like a bitch. The product does work for the most part, you just gotta experiment with the timing a bit.

  • Benjamin R. Barnes - DRM Nightmare - This is a Rental, not a Purchase

    I purchased this game for my son, and at the time we had no knowledge of any install limits; nowhere was it mentioned in the manual or in game (for the very few who do not already know, this game will not allow the user to install it more than 3 times). His first of three installs was used up when our hard drive crashed soon after installation. While I was fixing up our main computer, he installed it on one of our older ones. Once the new computer was up and running, he uninstalled it from the temporary PC and installed it on the new one.