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  • Whitney D Brewer - long and boreing

    Im bored within a minnute of this game. It made Daisy Fuentes Pilates seem fun. It is badly organized, boreing, and unmotivating. Its probably the cheapest game I've gotten for the wii, and I overpaid.

  • tanya frank - Exactly what we wanted

    Absolutely love it! If is big enough where my 2 year old ( he's in 4T) can wear jeans and a long sleeved shirt underneath and still be comfortable/ warm. He tried it on (his brother was Marshal!) and wore it to watch tv for an hour. He is so happy which makes me happy 😊

  • Avid Reader - I liked the book

    Bottom-line, I liked the book. Darren Street learns what happens when one fails to monitor what they say and how they say it. He also learned it doesn't pay to use knee-jerk responses to every situation. Ben Clancy is a piece of work and represents every stereotypical southern white boy with a god complex. It was interesting to see how Darren managed to survive while being his own worst enemy.

  • raveen vann - Such an awesome book. Really enjoyed it

    Such an awesome book. Really enjoyed it. Liam and Elizabeth were great together. She came back after her stepfather has passed and Liam had been there with him for the past few months while she was away at school. He fell in love with her before he ever set eyes on her. After they get together Liam's enemy decided to threaten her. It got crazy but I really enjoyed this book. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.

  • Drew - Works Great!

    I purchased the PureLyft Energy Stir Sticks for an upboost for my morning workouts. This is a caffeine stick that delivers 125 mg of caffeine and that equals 1 tall coffee. They are a zero calorie additive and the pack come with 6 sticks. It says no taste but I do detect a small taste of i was not looking for it I would have never tasted it. I used this for my marathon yesterday in a glass of cranberry juice and I it tasted fine and gave me the caffeine I needed to get going. I didn't have any side effects that I noticed so that good. I really did put me in the mind of how I feel after I drink a cup of coffee without being hot from the coffee. I would purchase again without hesitation. The caffeine is made from green coffee beans!