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Andrea Harrn Counselling Services in East London and Essex - Counselling to resolve issues and conflicts, manage stress and anxiety, overcome depression, obsessive and/or addictive behaviours and build positive relat

  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/profile/ Profile - Andrea Harrn Counselling Services - Psychological therapy for positive change including psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy and mindfulness in East London and Essex
  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/therapies/ Therapies | Andrea Harrn Counselling Services - We offer a range of therapies to suit your needs including including addiction treatment, relationship counselling, cognitive therapy and hypnotherapy
  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/addiction-treatment/ Addiction Treatment | Andrea Harrn Counselling Services - Structured counselling for all types of addictive behaviours including drugs, alcohol, codependency, sex, love and OCD to overcome and gain control of your life
  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/assertiveness-training/ Assertiveness Training | Andrea Harrn Counselling Services - Assertiveness training works with you to understand your own rights and needs and how to express them in a healthy way.
  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/cognitive-behavioural-therapy-cbt/ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - CBT can be very effective for most problems and issues and is particularly helpful for people that have negative thinking or keep repeating life patterns.
  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/counselling-psychotherapy/ Counselling & Psychotherapy | Andrea Harrn - Counselling and psychotherapy are umbrella terms that cover a range of talking therapies.
  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/hypnotherapy/ Hypnotherapy | Andrea Harrn Counselling Services - Hypnotherapy teaches you to fully relax your mind and body which can lead to profound improvements in your health and wellbeing.
  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/integrative-therapy/ Integrative Therapy | Andrea Harrn Counselling Services - Integrative therapy draws on many theoretical perspectives and models of counselling, integrating knowledge and skills according to what is needed.
  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/mindfulness-training/ Mindfulness Training | Andrea Harrn Counselling Services - Based on Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness is the practice of staying in the moment, being present to ourselves, and our environment.
  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/reiki/ Reiki - Andrea Harrn Counselling Services - Reiki is an original method of healing that brings relaxation to mind body and soul. Activated by intention heals not just the physical body but also the
  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/relationship-counselling/ Relationship Counselling | Andrea Harrn Counselling Services - Relationship counselling helps you to make the most of your relationships, past, present or future. Contact Andrea Harrn on 07958 714615
  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/faqs/ FAQS | Andrea Harrn Counselling Services - FAQS - clear information about the issues I work with, how to refer, what to expect, fees and payment terms, confidentiality, location in East London
  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/events/ Events | Andrea Harrn Counselling Services - Events and workshops for individuals and corporations, building confidence, teamwork, stress reduction, thinking styles, assertiveness training, management
  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/testimonials/ Testimonials & Feedback - Andrea Harrn Counselling Services - A small selection of the feedback from 1 to 1 appointments I have received over the last few years
  • http://www.andreaharrn.co.uk/blog/ Blog - Andrea Harrn Counselling Services - Blogging about psychology, therapy, philosophy and making life simple - easy to read and definitely no psycho-babble

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  • Rhiannon Bruce - such great quality! I can put pictures

    This is seriously the coolest, such great quality! I can put pictures, music, video, and the colors are sooo pretty! I am so impressed with this! My kids LOVE it too! Such a happy customer! I highly recommend this!

  • lb1428 - So hard to tighten straps and recline won't stay locked!

    There are a few great things about this carseat and then several terrible features that are making me hate it. I bought this in early 2016 as a replacement for a 2014 Pria 70 after being in a minor accident. My first seat was in Total Black which tended to get quite hot in the summer time (my daughter would be totally sweaty after any trip even with the AC blasting). I opted for the Grey Gravel hoping it would be slightly cooler but that is not the case. Not only is it just as hot, the Gravel is a different material (not the easily cleanable neoprene like the Total Black was but more of a pique like a polo golf shirt). I cannot keep this seat clean. Within a week of washing it there are spots everywhere again. The only upside that I will mention is that the newer model has snaps that make it easy to remove everything for washing without having to uninstall the whole seat.

  • Casey Cole - Has humor

    For a book on accounting, this doesn't totally suck. His examples are entertaining and helpful. NOT ideal to read on a smartphone, though, because the tables wrap oddly.

  • Amazon Customer - Improve Your Results

    I now use this product with a dab of Retin-A (Tretinoin) .1% (w/ the nightime application only), since I recently read the combination increases the effects of Minoxydil by 2 - 3x.

  • Tanya L - Becomes a life saver after a few month....

    We bought Mamaroo before my son was born hoping this device can give us some sleep, but sadly he did not particularly enjoy the ride in it. We put Mamaroo aside and kept thinking how we could do with it. Now our son is almost 5 months old, and he becomes restless and fuzzy in daytime. While nothing could calm him down, we thought of Mamaroo again. As soon as the car ride mode with intensity 3 starts, he would calm down and play his toy for a while, and fall asleep. We are glad that we did not sell it or give it away.... :)

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    I had been forewarned to take particular care with all stages of sanding. I grabbed a lawn chair and water hose settling in for the duration. It took probably twice as long as the directions indicated, but that was my being sure of smooth sanded surfaces with each step. Headlights are crystal clear! Beautiful! Certainly recommend this kit and would purchase in the future if needed!