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  • happymama - LOVE it, wish I bought it sooner

    Awesome! I wish I had bought it sooner. I bought it for my second son, same stroller. I love it, and so does he. The snack tray part snaps out so you can wash it without removing the whole bar. It is solid, quality plastic so it won't easily crack with use. Another great UppaBaby product.

  • Arthur Feitosa - I does work, but it doesn't do magic

    If you follow the instructions: Leave an even layer of the product over desired area, more if more hair, leave it for 15 min(don't be afraid of this part, its really important that it stays there for 15 min at least) and don't use in appropriated areas like near genitals, arm pits and NIPPLES. If by any accident you let it touch your nipples don't panic, use a wet towel and just clean it up till removed completely. You must use a towel to remove the product so your hair goes with and it works great if you do it that way. It won't do magic but at least with me(a guy with lots of tick hair everywhere and strong skin)I had no problems with allergies but be advised that in front of elbows(between arms and forearms) the skin is more sensitive and you might have some irritation there. Don't be in a worry to remove the cream, it needs to be there for 15 min at least and you need to ad extra to more hair populated areas till you see that it's well covered, if you want to take extra care wash the area with lukewarm water, or just take a shower and dry yourself and use the cream right after.

  • Cynt - Good product

    To my surprise, the product works! I say to my surprise because I have tried every thing on the market. Ladies you have to find what works for you. Not every thing works for everybody. You must also eat fruit, vegetables and drink water.

  • Nina Brown - Dry powder kills Roaches!

    This can weighs very little because it is a dry powder and a compressed air delivery system. It is very effective. There is a light odor, likely the propellent, not the dry powder. We were very happy to see fewer roaches. Those pesky jerks!!!!

  • Tiff - Great product !

    This product is truly a miracle in a bottle. I have relaxed African American hair that tangles and dries out really easily, and it's very hard to find a product that moisturizes without weighing down. It's a 10 detangles almost instantly and leaves my hair looking healthy.

  • Johnny Beans - Well made product but limited utility.

    Update: I've used it more but still only for cold beverages. I have noticed that the outside of the cup does feel cool to the touch which to me indicates less insulation. Not enough for condensation to form, but still some. The width of the cup also encourages more heating because of wider area exposed to air. Overall it's ok but I would not recommend it.