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    City: 10.7487 Oslo County, Norway

  • Shannon - Fun for red and blue families

    My family has collected traditional nutcrackers for nearly 40 years. We've only just recently stopped...so I decided to revive the tradition with a wink. This is a fun and silly item that's well made and well packaged and will be well received at Christmas.

  • Patrick Barry - Great Bat

    Not only great.product. The COMPANY is 2nd to none, had an issue with a Bat. problem was handled quickly and efficiently. Great Overall

  • Brendan W Connors - Started eating my car's paint

    I was recommended this product as a way to ease removal of vinyl stickers on cars. I decided to test the spray on the paint in the engine bay first. Sprayed a bit on the paint, then wiped it off. My paint color appeared on the rag, and I saw bare metal through the thinned out pain on the car. I don't know how effective it is in removing adhesive from paint, because I won't try it on the more visible parts of the car.

  • S McG - Buy up this razor doesn't work very good!

    My husband is in an Alzheimer's Care Unit and I purchased the razor for him. I had the opportunity to shave him and was disappointed in the performance of this razor. I had to go over and over an area to get hair removed.

  • AeroKrix - A good weightless program that requires discipline.

    Let's start off by saying that those who seek immediate results by doing very little to your habits shouldn't be spending money on a diet program. Every diet requires major changes to the way you eat and what you eat, as well as how much you eat.

  • Rvcmajors - Top Notch Product!!!!

    Everything about the purchase went great. The transaction went very smoothly, the package arrived on time and with no damage. The sellers were awesome and were very accommodating to any questions I may have had about the solar light sets. So now I will let you know how great these lights are. The solar lights very super easy to assemble and the spiked bottom helped them go into the ground with very little effort. They charged quickly and were much brighter than expected. I bought ordered these solar pathway lights because my son was having a Halloween party and they made a great addition to lighting the way to my front door. I would recommend these lights to anyone who needs some additional outdoor lighting for a reasonable price.

  • Michelle - Good little Laptop

    For the price, this a good day to day laptop. I can play games on Facebook with no problems. The only thing that made me to give a 4 star instead of 5 is that the keyboard is not back-lit so until you type you don't know if your are typing with lower or upper cases. Other then that, I will give it a clean swipe ( came loaded with loads of crap), and will be good to go. Keyboard is easy on typing, since I type very fast, colors are good, again , for this price, don't expect a gaming computer, but for school, and everyday surfing, watching movies on Netflix or Amazon video, this is a good laptop !