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American Friends Herzog Hospital - Creating MiraclesAmerican Friends of Herzog Hospital is a US non-profit organization working with foundations, professional associations and private donors to aid and support Herzog Hospital located in Jerusalem, Israel.Make a Donation

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  • Bruce Kendall - I must have the only defective one.

    My wife and I bought this after we saw the TV commercial. It was for her (she never used it), I already had a convertible hand truck that I used all the time. After my wife died I loaned it to my Daughter who was moving. When I went over to help her load the moving truck, I found her carrying out all of the boxes by hand. This is why, when you set it up to use as a hand truck it won't lock into place and stay that way. Also in this position it has too much free play and leans forward to the point that the slightest bump will cause it to fall over. I know because it crashed down on my shin. As for the Stepladder it may be ok if you don't weigh over 200 lbs, and the steps are narrow and I feel precarious when trying to use it. I would also caution anyone against purchasing an unrated ladder or step stool. When in the hand truck or dolly position I recommend that you be no more than five foot six, or you will find out very quickly if you have a strong lower back or not. I believe that It was not designed well for taller people. This item is headed for goodwill and another victim, I mean another unsuspecting customer.

  • Pamela Cummings-agonis - Nice and roomy and I like the side pocket for ...

    Nice and roomy and I like the side pocket for my phone and keys. However, I would prefer at least one pocket on the inside of the bag.

  • dirty dan - Great all in one product for recovery!

    I've been a fan of Muscletech for years. I've tried many different supplements and most don't do anything, I'd get better results from placebos. I usually use Celltech for gaining muscle, and on average gain 10 lbs per cycle of 3-4 months but figured I'd try a protein supplement this time. This has Anabolic Halo has creatine and protein and all the other BCAAs and what not I need so I didn't need 10 bottles of pills and bottles. I feel great the next day after lifting heavy and recover 4 times faster and almost no soreness after working out which is amazing. Now I am able to work the same muscle group more often and am seeing small results already after a couple weeks. I only wish is had a couple more grams of Creatine and maybe a little more protein per serving so I use 2 scoops because I am 6'4 200 lbs so it's a little hard for me to get enough protein and calories, as I am a hard gainer. So basically a container only last 2 weeks so I subscribed to 2 bottles per month, but those are my only complaints. I expect 90% of products aren't made for people my size so I'm used to it.