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Bridge Therapy | Active FX | ELOS Photofacial | Medical Microdermabrasion | Lafayette, Colorado - Aesthetic Solutions, Inc - Center for Laser and Aesthetic Medicine providing ELOS Photofacials, Botox, Medical Microdermabrasions, Injectables and dermal fillers to patients in Lafayette Colorado.

  • http://www.aestheticsolutionsinc.com/services.asp Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. - Med Spa Services - Aesthetic Solutions in Lafayette Colorado can help with keeping your skin looking young preventing the signs of aging to your skin.
  • http://www.aestheticsolutionsinc.com/specials.asp Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. - Med Spa Specials - At Aesthetic Solutions, Inc, we provide medical services to help you look younger and beautiful through a variety of procedures from smartlipo, botox, juvederm, HCD Diet plans and more.
  • http://www.aestheticsolutionsinc.com/S-Anti-Aging-Treatment-Program.asp Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. | Bio Identical Hormones | Anti-Aging Treatment Lafayette Colorado - Let Dr Zakany help you look and feel younger with his new anti-aging treatment program in Lafayette Colorado.
  • http://www.aestheticsolutionsinc.com/S-Medical-Micro-Needling.asp Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. | Medical Micro Needling | Lafayette Colorado - Medical Micro Needling is an anti-aging treatment to help your skin become tighter and looks years younger. Have a doctor at Aesthetic Solutions see if you are a candiate for this procedure.
  • http://www.aestheticsolutionsinc.com/S-fotofinder.asp Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. | Mediscope Digital Skin Imaging Analysis - Mediscope Digital Skin Imaging Analysis can take an accurate picture of your skin for sun damage and other problems.
  • http://www.aestheticsolutionsinc.com/S-dermaplaning.asp Dermaplaning | Remove facial fuzz | Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. - Dermaplaning can help remove the peach fuzz some people get on their faces easily and for longer periods of time.
  • http://www.aestheticsolutionsinc.com/S-ELOS-Photofacial.asp Aesthetic Solutions, Inc | ELOS Photofacial | Lafayette Colorado - ELOS™ combines the synergy of bipolar radiofrequency and light energies to treat superficial and benign vascular and pigmented lesions like rosacea, spider veins, red and brown spots, as well as skin imperfections caused by sun damage. It treats fine wrinkles and improves skin texture irregularities, laxity and smoothness.

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  • LeahMaria - Good for health, not necessarily a weight loss product

    Wow does this stuff work! I did NOT lose any weight which is what I was hoping for but it definitely functioned as a colon cleanser. I think it is super healthy for people to use a cleanser every couple of months to keep your body and digestion healthy. I could see how some people could lose weight the first time that they try these pills due to the fact that they had a lot of backup in their body but this is definitely not a sustainable weight loss product. Your stomach will also hurt A LOT while you are taking the pills and plan to spend a lot of uncomfortable time in the bathroom.

  • GigiSxm - I would recommend this

    This product has changed my life. due to several abdominal and intestinal surgeries 'going' had become a chore and a 30 minute process as I can't push. This stool eliminates the need to push. I would recommend this product

  • Katherina Vongphrachanh - Really Does Give You Fresh Smooth Skin! Great For Sensitive Skin Too!

    This product does what it says; exfoliates leaving fresh smooth skin! I use this in the shower and I come out with fresh skin that's smooth to the touch and also appears smoother. I have highly sensitive skin and eczema so I don't use it everyday, but the it's never made me break out or given me any kind of irritation.

  • Amazon Customer - Works great! I have PCOS and that causes hair loss ...

    Works great! I have PCOS and that causes hair loss plus post partum hypothyroid. This combined with a biotin vitamin help cut my shedding hair in half if not more.

  • Ellie - Good product but warning!!

    This product is good, and the concept is great. However it does take a longer time than a traditional curling iron, since you have to use smaller sections of hair at a time. Occasionally hair gets stuck. It warns you with a beep if hair is tangled. However *** WARNING my daughter put her hair in the wrong way- there is a printed direction for which side should face head- and her hair burned inside. We unplugged it and removed the hair with tweezers as it was firmly caught. No real harm done, but you really have to be careful to use with correct side facing head. Not good for younger clientele! A bit pricey.

  • Bigraisin - Beware! This product has parabens

    I searched the internet before buying this product and couldn't find anything stating that this product contains parabens but I should have known since the ingredients list was not shown. Anyway, I got the package today and of course, it contains methylparaben and propylparaben. Parabens are synthetic preservatives used in cosmetics and personal care products, The danger lies in the fact that our bodies readily absorb parabens and studies show that parabens are hormone disruptors affecting our endocrine system by mimickng estrogen (in both men and women). Excess estrogen as you may know has the potential to cause breast cancer. Lesson learned. I will not buy any more products without seeing the ingredients label. Amazon, you could improve by being more transparent for your customers.

  • Sapphire - Excellent Camera Insert

    I love my camera insert from Timbuk2. Most of the time I use it with my Timbuktu2 messenger bag but, I enjoy the fact that I can use the handle and remove the entire contents in seconds for the days that I want to carry the bag without the camera or switch bags. Excellent protection for camera equipment. Wish the price was a little less expensive tough.