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  • Barbara Gentile - ICD 9 2013

    A must have for the exam and very easy to use. This is exactly what I ordered and need to study for my CPC exam. It was delivered on time and in excellent condition.

  • Katie g - would recommend to everyone

    a little cheap looking compared to my old samsung chromebook. feels a little flimsy but I love chromebook and this one has the backlit keyboard. Since it is my second cb I felt the backlit keyboard was an absolute for upgrading. I would recommend this as long as you can get past the plastic feel . Fast and reliable. Again, I like the 11.5 size of samsung(fits in my bag) but this size is probably more attractive to most others.Great screen. Skullcandy speakers are way better than beats on my hp laptop.

  • rmommy - Thought it wasn't working but it's perfect and a big hit!!

    I was excited to give Harry to my kid but at first I thought it wasn't working so I was disappointed for a few minutes but I realized it was only because the batteries weren't well installed... Anyway, once Logan got it he was all smiles!!

  • Nelson - Tile.

    The Tile is one of the best tracking product I've had but the battery last less than a year... That isn't something they tell you ahead of time... They only give you a 1 year warranty. So you would need to buy a new one every year or so... They will send you a replacement notice that you need to replace it... It's a great product but they need to figure out a way for you to charge it or change the battery out.

  • D Rock - The Official FIVB Ball

    Weird at first, but you'll get used to it. Smaller than the original one. The surface has little pores, it feels really weird at first, but an awesome feel to set and pass. Not to mention the bounce it has to it. Hitting straight down has never been this awesome!