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Home - ACON Labs - ACON Laboratories, Inc. provides a broad range of high quality medical diagnostic and healthcare products. ACON’s current product lines include Diabetes Care, Urinalysis, Immunoassays, Point of Care Testing, and Veterinary Diagnostics. These products are used in a variety of channels including hospitals, clinical laboratories, physician offices, blood banks, pharmacies and veterinary clinics and other channels in 130 countries.

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  • Nate G - Perfect product for a lost hub cap

    This is a perfect product to replace a lost hub cap from your sienna minivan. Rather than looking like a cheap dork that cannot keep from hitting curbs and knocking off hubcaps, cover up your mistakes by buying these. Snap them on and, voilia! You look like you can drive again.

  • Byard F. Edwards - Having trouble getting the update successfully installed?

    The price was right by downloading from Amazon. The Personal database repopulated using last years tax return without a hitch. However, when it came to updating the software, I was unable to do so. Yes the data base downloaded and the installation engine performed its duties until the end was near, then it reversed itself. To no avail, I logged on as "Administrator" (right click icon) and used virtual OS with Vista and XP (currently with W7 OS). I reloaded the software and did a "repair" run. Still no success. Well, perhaps the upgrade code is a little funky and seen as a virus? I turned off my Kaspersky and Superantispyware software and presto: successful upgrade. Online help did not help but I told them the solution to my problem for what's it worth.

  • jodyjo - i like it

    i've been using it for 3 days now and its working. for some reason i started getting getting bad acne on my cheek and chin. I'm 26 so that was a big no no. I'm an African American woman and with my brown complexion my spots and acne showed and i felt really self conscious. this product has dried out most of the acne. the reason i'm not in LOVE with it is because of how careful you have to be with the steps and i'm too impatient. all in all great product. I use less of the moisturizer though because it leaves a greasy sheen on your face so i just use two short pumps instead of the recommended two full pumps. I would recommend this product

  • S.M. Hughes - awesome

    This was a gift for my 13 year old grandson but every year when he gets one, he's excited about it. And it's a great learning tool.

  • Jaywalker - It was a good try.

    It's a little clunky but it worked for about a week until the video card gave up and so did I. Tech support was ok but kind of uninformed, they were unaware of purchases through Amazon. I went with the fire stick tv.

  • james m delcampo - A must read for Champagne afficionados.

    A wealth of pertinent information, Tyson sums up all champagne producers in an efficent,unbiased and informative manner.