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Ace Co Vacuum - my blog - Below I'm going to list some of my favorite blogs and links I'm reading right now. Curvy is in right now. Has curvy ever been out? Well, according to men,

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  • K-chan - Just like I said in my review for the day cream ...

    If I could, I would give this a ZERO STAR. Just like I said in my review for the day cream (which I also bought along with this) it's JUST A WASTE OF MONEY!! I honestly don't know why people are giving it 5 stars. My skin isn't sensitive, but when I used this, my face looked horrible for a week. It turned pinkish red, had all these little bumps and felt swollen and was so itchy. This did nothing except empty my pockets and make me look horrible.

  • Tabitha - Horrific Antivirus

    ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC. DO NOT INSTALL THIS PRODUCT. My friend had me download it out of kindness but I had started noticing that it wasn't picking up or cleaning anything after a while. When I tired to uninstall it, it never went away. Just when I thought I did, it started acting like a VIRUS. when I switched to Avast, it scanned and found tons of viruses and updates my computer really needed. After I tried to update it, it was prevented by this product that still stayed. After I tried to factory reset my laptop, my computer pretty much refused and now it's like it's protecting itself from being cleaned out by any means. It will no let me in certain areas of my computer, it will not let me connect to any form of internet, and it had been rendered completely useless. It even deleted my Avast from my computer with out me doing anything. Now thanks to this, I have no computer and I have to save up to buy a new one. DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT. SAVE THE MONEY, GET AVAST OR NORTON

  • Rufus Quail - End Antacid Dependency

    A new remedy came on the market promising 14 days of heartburn relief. I rushed to the drugstore the day it hit the shelves. As advertised, I had 14 days of blissful remission.

  • Florjl27 - 2012 Writer's Market REview

    The book was in perfect condition upon arrival, however I didn't find it too helpful due to my type of writing. The sections for screenwriting and greeting cards were very slim, and I wish there was more to it. If however you are writing a novel, then I would strongly suggest this book.

  • chipman - Great tax software

    I saw the two reviews before mine and was confused by them. I've used this product (was called Tax Cut Home and Business) for over ten years just to do Business and Trust returns, Then moving those incomes or losses to the clients 1040. It's a very inexpensive tax program compared to others. Perhaps they should contact a professional. I would offer my services but I'm not taking on any new clients. This is an excellent all in one tax program. It does take a while to get use to moving between the forms but, if you use the guide it will keep you out of trouble. You can call H&R Block for advice if it really gets too deep for you. Check for updates often this year.

  • Ann Sligar - A stubborn leg wound

    Just a quick review to note that this honey has been the most active product that I have used on this old leg wound. It started out as a cat bite in Jan of this year. It progressed to cellulitis, at which point I sought medical advice. I was sent to the local wound care clinic, where they did their best but the rubbing from the pressure wrap caused a small leg wound to become very large. At about that time I began treating it myself because I could see that they would be wrapping my leg and I couldn't stand the pain of that for the next year or so. I used bentonite clay and activated charcoal poultices to pull out the staph. I used a number of things including Amerigel ointment on the wound...but nothing has been as active and effective as this honey. I am not kidding at all. I begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel for real.

  • Richard Behm III - Great and Personal

    I love the cookbooks that Alton Brown puts out. I love the narration that comes with book. This one is no different. I love the personal touch that he has with this book. The food looks and sounds delicious. I have already bookmarked some recipes to try. Thanks Alton Brown for another great book.