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index - The Academy of Integrative Medicine is dedicated to providing exceptional instruction in alternative and non-invasive health care methods through distance-learning, seminars, teleconferences and on-site training. Our student population includes pharmacists, naturopaths, medical doctors, chiropractors, registered nurses, and other health care professionals.

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  • Marcyinak - A little spendy, but a good product.

    A friend introduced this to me when I complained of dye skin from where I live (Nome, AK). She said, just do your normal nightly routine - steaming washcloth and Libriderm for me- and roll it on over.". It IS that simple! Dries very fast, clear so my husband doesn't even know I have it on.

  • David Michael - Slick, stylish, and very functional.

    Slick, stylish, and very functional. Originally bought this as a cheap fix for protecting my new 7" Amazon Fire until I could do some research and find the best case. After using it and loving it, I reordered a second as a backup. I found the best case for me after all!

  • Michelle - I LIKE IT after only using it for a few days ...

    I LIKE IT after only using it for a few days you can see the difference . I agree with a lot of the customers you have to be careful and keep I away from the lower neck area where the thyroid is located. The videos on u tube are very helpful , the only thing I do not like is the metallic taste I have in my mouth all of the time. Also my muscles do get tight and sometimes affects the neck and jaw muscles but it goes away after awhile. Its the metallic taste that doesn't go away I guess that's something you just have to get used to. The results are great.

  • Bill Grant - this treadmill is nice built and looks like good quality

    I just got it a week ago, this treadmill is nice built and looks like good quality. However, right out of the box one leg had some white marking. Looks like paint leftover or maybe not enough of black paint (looks like white spray) about 10 inch long and 3 inches wide on the bottom of the metal console leg. I have it in the basement so it is not a big deal, but Solo should inspect their item prior to packaging and make sure this does not happens. This is pure cosmetic damage so I decided not to return this item. Lets hope that the treadmill itself will be better...

  • Clay - 07 reg cab 4x4

    This bumper was easy to put on but it required some Drilling. The installation instructions were a little vague and did not tell you the bumper required Drilling to mount it more securely(2 of the 5 bolts on each side of the frame rails ). It worked with my aftermarket tow hitch, but i had to drill through it, all 1/2 inch of it. It's a good addition and i should have done it sooner. Got mine for $368 last week. It was easy to put on, just time consuming, it was my first solo install with limited hand tools and cordless drill.