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  • Faerie - Amazing product! Worth the price to try this whole set!!!

    I love this stuff so much! For one, like everyone else says, it smells amazing. A sweet spicy smell, some of the products smell a little more earthy and spicy than sweet.

  • manuel - Great new look to my 2013 Challenger

    Great new look to my 2013 Challenger. The gas pedal went on smoothly. The brake pedal took some time to get on. Use hot water and soap to ease up the brake pedal before you attempt. Its going to take some patience and hand strength to get on. Don't get angry just squeeze as hard and you can and the brake pedal will eventually grab hold. It has a rubber backing and once on - fits perfect.

  • J. H. - Works great....if you give it time to install!

    I have used Card Studio for years and remains pretty much the same with the exception of a few new cards each year. Has saved me time and money hunting for a special card for someone. This years software does take some time to load so be patient. Depends on the age, speed, of your computer. Loads lots of files and graphics, took my computer 45 mins. to load and 15 mins. to install a patch or "bug fix" for this version. In past years I believe it installed much faster than an hour. Look at your drive lights on your computer and they will stay pretty much solid for an hour loading files.

  • Mom of three - LOVE IT!!!

    First of all I bought this because of the reviews I read on here, and that it was exactly like wen. Well, I have never used Wen, but it seems like this would be like it by the descriptions I have read about Wen and seen on commercials. Either way, I love this stuff!!! I have dry, colored hair, and once I get it passed a certain point of length, no matter what it always seems like it becomes very damaged and just nasty looking at the ends, plus it gets very frizzy from breakage. I dont think this is a miracle worker product, and I do still have some frizz/fly away hairs, but after using the product my hair was definitely softer and shinier. I was worried it would start getting greasy looking, or feeling filmy after a few "washes", but nothing of the sort so far and I have been using it for about 3-4 weeks now, which I have actually only had to wash my hair 3 times. It does require a lot of product to wash my hair, but I am washing it way less, so it evens out. I have also started using this on both of my daughter's hair, they both have fine hair, unlike me, and not colored/damaged (they are 2 and 4), and the product does not make their hair greasy either, but much softer, and zero tangles after bath time which is heaven sent!


    I don't believe this product is an authentic product produced by Philosophy...or perhaps it had somehow been altered/diluted/mixed with other chemicals to decrease production cost. Will be purchasing from legit carriers of the Philosophy brand in the future - where I can guarantee I'm getting exactly what I paid for.

  • Eric Wagoner - it depends on what is most important to you if you will be satisfied

    It looks much better than the factory antenna, but you lose some signal strength. Fashion before function, I guess. Overall, i'm satisfied with it.