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  • Kyle - Worth the price

    I finally decided to try the OtterBox for my newest iPhone. I usually go with the cheaper alternatives which have treated me well in the past. This is case is worth the extra money IMO. It has a nice grip to it and feels sturdy. Not too big, still fits in a pair of skinny jeans pockets. All the buttons function without issue. The rubber flap over the lightning port gets a little annoying, but not a big deal.

  • Peter Tokar - Halestorm Rocks!

    Simply amazing. My new favotire band, an incredible concert, well filmed, crisp and clear with the matching CD. You MUST get this if you are a fan.

  • Adam L. Terrell - ... fender eliminator and I have to say I'm very pleased with my purchase

    I purchased this for my 16 ninja ZX-6R with a fender eliminator and I have to say I'm very pleased with my purchase. The install was easy after looking at a couple of videos online. one suggestion is to definitely remove the fairings instead of just moving what you need to get to the break light wiring. it made life so much easier. I would recommend this to anyone. the entire set up remove that big rattling tail light and license plate holder and give the bike an overall cleaner appearance.

  • Nunya - Finally, a pen that lets me finish first!

    I tried using a man's pen (as soon as my husband showed me how to work one) but I found that when I tried to write out my recipes or my diary, the pens just didn't have staying power. I even tried using a mechanical pencil once, but I was so confused I just sat in the kitchen and cried, and cried until my husband finally bought me something pretty. Now, finally, with Bic for her I can complete writing out my menstrual calendar without it 'running out of ink'. Thanks Bic!

  • mdsjhawk83 - Others are better

    sbella-You're probably thinking of Sigler's Drug Cards. They've been out for a long time and have pretty thick paper. I've now owned both.

  • Matthew Mosqueda - Great for beginner- mid level player

    This deck is a great idea and has potential to be a tier 1 deck. A lot of people are complaining about it not having Marsh Flats or Thoughtseize but Wizards isn't going to just give us a pre-made tier 1. Besides they wouldn't just reprint one fetch land for an event deck. The idea behind this deck is for new players that are unfamiliar with the game to get started and help them build a strategy and get a feel for the game, or in this case the "Modern" format. If this had all the "money cards" people are looking for it would defeat the purpose of the deck being used as a teaching tool for newer players, experienced players would just buy it and gut it out for trade bait. This is probably by far the most competitive and complete Event Deck ever constructed and hopefully we will have many more to come.