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Qingbang Pharm. Co., Ltd. - Supply most kinds of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials(please contact us and we'll reply at once, Beijing China)If you need please contact us without hesitation and we will reply at once. e-mail: [email protected]. These are parts of products we can supply:English name:Adapalene Adefovir DipivoxilAllylestrenolAmlodipine BesylateAmsacrineAnagrelide HClArgatrobanAspoxicillinAstaxanthinAzelnidipineAzlocillin SodiumAztreonamBiapenemBudesonideCarisoprodolCefamandole NafateCefazaflurCefazedoneCefcapene pivoxilCefdinirCefditoren PivoxilCefepimeCefetamet PivoxilCefetamet Pivoxil Hydrochloride CefiximeCefmenoxime HclCefmetazoleCefmetazole SodiumCefminox SodiumCefoperazone SodiumCefoselisCefotetanCefotetan DisodiumCefotiamCefozopranCefPiramide AcidCefPiramide SodiumCefpiromeCefpodoxime proxetiCefprozilCefsulodinCefteram Pivoxilceftezoleceftezole sodiumCeftibutenCeftibutenCeftiofur sodiumCeftizoximeCefuroximeCefuroxime sodiumCilastatin SodiumCisatracurium besilatecloxacillinCo-dergocrine MesylateCoenzyme Q10colchicineDaunorubicin Hydrochloride   Disodium ClodronateDoxorubicin HydrochlorideDroxidopaDuloxetine HCl EpirubicinEpirubicin HydrochlorideF1omoxef sodiumFamciclovirFaroPenemFenoldopam Mesylate Fludarabin PhosphateFormoterol Fumarate ImipenemImipenem and Cilastatin SodiumIpratropium BromideIsepamicin SulfateLafutidine LansoprazoleLatamoxef sodiumLentinanLercanidipineLinezolidLiranaftate Lisinopril DihydrateLovastatinMeropenemMethyl Sulphonyl Methane(MSM) MezlocillinMidodrine HydrochlorideMitiglinide MitomycinMizoribineMontelukast Sodium Mycophenolate MofetilNaloxone HCLNicergolineOlmesartan medoxomil   Olopatadine HCl Olprinone HCl Palonosetron Pancuronium BromidePantoprazole SodiumPemetrexedPemetrexed Pemirolast PotassiuPirarubicinPitavastatin CalciumPolymixin B Sulfate PramipexolePrulifloxacinRabeprazole sodiumRamiprilRamosetron HydrochlorideRisperidoneRitodrine HydrochlorideRizatriptan benzoateRosuvastatinRosuvastatin CalciumRupatadine fumarateSalbutamolSertraline HCl Sodium FusidateSumatriptan Succinate TacrolimusTamsulosinTeicoplaninTenatoprazole TeniposideTicarcillin DisodiumTiotropium Bromide Tolterodine tartrate TopotecanTropisetron HCl Trospium Chloride Vecuronium BromideVidarabine Monophosphate(Ara AMP)VincamineVinorelbine Bitartrate VoriconazoleZiprasidone HCl Zolmitriptan

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  • Bluegurl718 - Worked way better than expected!

    Had a mishap with a broken wash machine in my basement. Made the whole basement smell like mildew really bad even once it was cleaned up. Used this and less than 72 hours later the smell was gone. I didn't even expect it to work and it worked well!

  • W. Zimmerman - Great Price

    Yes, this is a substantial amount of chlorine.. But it costs about a third of what I was spending for much smaller amounts. (It is not as if chlorine goes bad after a while).

  • Lenny - Nasty...

    This stuff is nasty. I mean it is beyond difficult to gag down, I would think that it tastes like perhaps what orange pinesol does. Plus it dehydrates you...dangerously so. I typically drink gallon to a gallon and a half of water a day. Taking this the past few days has had me non stop sweating and I'm drinking two or three gallons of water. I don't feel any better or detoxed or any of that. Plus I didn't order on Amazon I ordered from a It's Work rep and got it shipped. This product is a complete and I believe mildly dangerous rip off. Don't trust it and don't trust the reviews odds are it is one of their reps trying to sell you.

  • Trish Young - Nothing special, it's a puzzle!

    Nothing special or extraordinary about this product. It's a giant floor puzzle. The pieces are on the larger size, which is great for little hands. I purchased this for my 2.5 y/o. Although it is a little advanced for him, he has a mickey one that he likes us to put together. This is a great little christmas gift that I'm saving for him!