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  • Jessica Renckly - Refreshing eye gel!

    I've been using this product for about a week now and really like it. The container is hygenic, which is definitely a good thing when using product around your eyes. After applying this product, the skin around my eyes feels tighter and it does seem to lighten my dark circles. I feel nice and awake after I've used it. If too much is applied, it can feel sticky, so you have to experiment a little with how much you use. Eye makeup seems to have no trouble going over the top either. I've also dabbed a little on my forehead, and that seems tighter too. My eyes and skin are pretty sensitive, but thankfully I've had no issue with this product. Overall, I'm very happy so far with how my eyes look and feel when using this. I think it was a great deal to get so much product for under $20!

  • TeamOctavia - Best Detangler for Naturally Course/Kinky

    I am not writing to inform how well this product will or will not define your curls, but I promise you it will make detangling your hair sooooo much easier whether your hair is wet or dry. It is probably a must have if you have children. Its important to apply the product and smooth it through before combing. Honestly you will love it for detangling after taking down braids or extensions as well. I think anyone can benefit from it regardless of your hair type, color, texture or condition. I gave it a four because one of the claims is that it will define curls, which is true to some extent but it hardly lives up to products that can really define and smooth curls.

  • Dave - Fantastic for caffeinating ANYTHING!

    Can you honestly think of anything that wouldn't benefit from being caffeinated or more caffeinated? ME EITHER! I'm horribly addicted to energy drinks, and one of these will take your soda from "wired" to "bouncing off the walls" in a quick peel and stir! Other things I've tried this with: Orange Juice, Watermelon Juice, Grape Juice, Iced Tea, Wine, and *ugh* plain water... but it definitely added some zing to all of them! The sticks are very convenient to use, and all that you have to do is peel and stir - just like using a sugar packet. It's also great if you have someone in the office (I'm looking at you... You know who you are...) that insists on brewing decaf (a.k.a. the Devil's Brew) - you can still get your morning pick me up with these handy little guys in your briefcase. I'm very happy with these, and I feel very secure with the packaging - there's not going to be any accidental spills with these, it's all very well put together. I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • M. C. - Smells awful!

    This cream smells awful! It's the worst cloying sweet smell ever. I have no idea if it even works. I can't stand to have this product in my house. Ugh.

  • Kindle Customer Charlene - Typical Alexa Riley

    This book is a collection of short stories that all take place on or around Halloween. They're all typical Alexa Riley--cheesy, over-the-top sexy, insta-love stories that you just can't help liking. Three of these are previous releases, two of which I'd read before, one I didn't remember ever reading, and the 4th story was new. I enjoyed the re-read of two, and the first time reading of the other two.

  • gakiriddle - Five piece kit in a case

    This is a very nice set. These are pretty heavyweight and I am guessing stainless steel. Comes with an instruction flyer to let you know which tool to use with which blemish. Each tool is held in place with a loop which is secured to the zippered case. These make extracting a blackhead or whitehead so much easier and you actually get all of the oil out. It will leave a little mark but it goes away a lot faster then forcing it out with your fingers. Always disinfect the area you worked on as well as the tool you used.