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  • Melanie Hyllested - Worked for me

    I very rarely write reviews, but I was really surprised by how well this product worked. I purchased it for my thinning hair and didn't really give much thought to nails. But within two weeks, I noticed my nails were getting stronger and growing quickly. I had just gotten used to them breaking easily. Now my spending on nail polish has increased significantly over the last few months. I am now on my fourth bottle of these vitamins. I had tried just biotin before this and didn't notice anything.

  • Maggie - Quite a dangerous supplement

    I've bought this at Costco, not on Amazon. Since my current multivitamins run out I decided to check the ingredients in detail on this one, knowing that one can have too much of vitamins A and D...

  • JojoLin - A steal!!

    I need an inexpensive spare phone that will allow me to change mini-sim cards for talk/text when going oversea and will take micro-sim card for data usage. After a long research, this Blu Dual sim Smartphone not only meets all the features I need, even support Android 5.1 Lollipop, but also the price is too good to be true. The phone comes in at the same day I placed the order. As a heavy apple product users, this phone is surprisingly rather easy to handle. It takes my mini-sim and micro-sim cards, as well as my old 16gb SD card. Since this phone has very limited capacity, my intention is to keep this phone as "clean" as possible. As I mentioned earlier, this is going to be a spare phone so I will not put a lot of app on it. So far everything works very well and I'm happy with it. **Update: The phone runs pokemon go quite ok as long as you turn to AR mode when throwing pokeballs. LOL. The battery runs out of power easily, but it is not a big deal to me.**

  • Nicholas - Great for anyone willing to spend the money!

    If you are looking for more length and a soft feel, this a great ball. Don't listen to the golf snobs who think they know more about golf cuz they are single digit handicaps and tell you not to waste your money on these. Most golfers(like myself) with handicaps in the teens play in that range cuz they don't have time to play 6 times a week so they lose shots in their short game, not because they can't keep long shots in play...long shots are the easier part of the game. That said, I have tested this ball on quiet days on the course shot for shot against a handful of cheaper 2 piece balls, and this 330RX is consistantly 10 - 15 yards farther. Anyone can benefit from more distance. If you worry about losing your $4 ball, grab the yellow ones, they are easier to find if you spray it in the rough! Have fun!!!

  • Candice - Great for unmessy sex

    It's a tiny bit too big for me, but that's just the size of my vaginal canal (by uterus is also smaller than average, according to my gyno).

  • EileenL - Easy, peasy payroll

    I've been doing payroll for 35 years. Started with paper, pen and calculator until the first Quickbooks program came out. Several versions later handled up to 100 employees salaried and hourly with multi deductions for insurance, cafeteria plans, judgements, etc. It has never failed to make my life easier and comfortable that taxes are accurate.

  • Applebyacres - It was ok

    Some people find it works like a charm. I wasn't impressed. Neither was my husband. Took it as directed.