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Women's Health Centre | Hormone Imbalance, Medical Diet, InfertilityWomen's Health Naturally - Our Women's Health Centre specialises in hormone imbalance symptoms, low thyroid, losing weight fast, genetic testing and natural infertility treatments.

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  • LQTNTC's momma - Good bye ucky red rosacea skin!

    It works! I've used it for a few days, about 3xday. I spray it on cotton to wipe my face focusing on the trouble rosacea red & pimple areas and I also spritz it on my face afterwards and it quickly drys up. After moving from Southern Cali to the PNW my treatment for rosacea was no longer effective. I tried many different things and had some good results but nothing complete and lasting like with the toner. I noticed an almost immediate improvement the same day. Now it has been 3 days and wow! My face is clear and smooth and even toned. I have actually tried several of its ingredients individually and separately, again with just-ok results. Seems this combination of ingredients is what my skin needed: Vit C, lavender, chamomile, rose, calendula, aloe... And regarding the scent: I like it very much. It appeals to my earthy soul. Thank you! I will be ordering the other items in this line!

  • Daniel Gin - Wired to wireless

    After a couple months of owning this I had to come back and review this. In my car I've installed an aftermarket radio which has no bluetooth but it does have an aux port and when I saw that I realized how easily that problem could be solved. Having a wire run from the radio to the device is just messy and would rather have music just stream through my phone. I had no trouble connecting this with an iPhone 6 plus and running spotify or anything. The aukey portable bluetooth receiver also has forward, back, pause, and play functionality so you don't have to reach for your phone while driving to skip to the next song which is crazy convenient. I recommend this to anybody.

  • C. Dembinsky - Creator NXT - JUNK JUNK JUNK

    The Creator NXT is a piece of junk. If I hadn't had such a good back-up system, I would have lost everything on my computer. I bought the program from Best Buy who willl not take back programs that have the seal broken. Corel won't take it back because I did not buy it from them. Save your money.

  • Amazon Customer - Very useful for studying

    Very useful for studying. I did questions on my own and with small groups, answer explanations were helpful. Practice questions are very similar to actual NCLEX exam... I passed, so it was a good study tool for me, at least.