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Where did psoriasis originate from | Don't give up! Psoriasis is easily cured from home! - The association between psoriasis and obesity: whereas only one study 15 assessed the incidence of obesity among patients with preexisting psoriasis. Obesity.

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  • SAUGEY-VERON - be careful: I checked the expiration date on the ...

    be careful: I checked the expiration date on the 3 ordered packets , the product expires in August 2015, in a month. Nothing was said in the description.

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    I've been using this for just over a month and I have already noticed a difference in my hair. I have very fine, naturally wavy/curly hair and my hair was always oily and I had a dandruff problem which meant daily washing. After using this product (cleanser and conditioner "scalp therapy") I have noticed that my hair is not nearly as oily as before, even when I go a day without washing it (which used to make my hair look like I poured oil on my head) and my dandruff is almost completely non-existent.

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    I have used this valve oil for 35+ yrs. and would highly recommend it to a friend or student. The price is also lower than the music store prices.

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    I just spoke with a customer service rep. who could not have been nicer. I was calling to cancel and return initial shipment. This rep. (Jennifer) was the epitome of service to the customer. You don't know me , but those who do would tell you I am sometimes too honest (blunt).I was once called Rude Rhonda .I didn't care for the product , way too pricey and all of the reviews I read were spot on.

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