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What's Up Down South | Washington County Economic Summit - The Premier Business Planning Event: What's Up Down South Economic Summit in Washington County, St. George, Southern Utah.

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  • H. Rogers - I have very bad arthritis in both knees

    I've been using the Schwartz Bioresearch brand of Turmeric Curcumin for more than two months and I can testify that it works well. I have very bad arthritis in both knees, elbows and hands and the pain has decreased greatly since I started a regiment of using 3 capsules daily. Now, with that said, if you decide to purchase this product give it a chance to do what it says it will do, take it faithfully every day for at least a month and I'm just pretty darned sure you will be pleased.

  • C. osborne - Airaid for Ecoboost *****

    Have had this unit on my rig for 1 month now and increased my economy by 1-2 mpg. I was getting 15 mpg city, where I get at least 16 now. My hwy was 65 mph - 21 mpg now 22 mpg with airaid. Seems a little snappier with airaid but cold weather really affects this engine, runs waaay better in milder temps. Overall satisfied with purchase.

  • james j hughes - Product didn't meet standard expectations.

    I really wanted this camera to work for me. Im simple. If an item works, i keep it. Unfortunately, i will be returning thus item. Product claims to support up to 64gb mini sd. It does......only if you insert the card with power on. Turn it off and back on again......cam doesn't see the sd card. Its a san disc....the most common sd card available. Next, the options and settings. If you think the manual will tell you how they all work, get ready for a let down. The manual is the worst translation i have ever seen. I will be returning this product.

  • richie - Looks much better then OEM with this installed along side a nice ...

    works perfectly for my 2012 V6 Camaro. Looks much better then OEM with this installed along side a nice double din head unit, the only thing i wish it had was the ability to show the outside temprature, but thats not a big deal.