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  • Mitch10 - better than Norton or McAffee

    I've had this for a few months now and Webroot is picking up malware better than other solutions. I've scanned files I suspected on my laptops with other virus programs and didn't get any hits, but Webroot did find the signatures even in zipped and RAR files. Additionally, it doesn't seem to be slowing down my machine or interfering with other programs like Norton!

  • Richelle McCabe - Thank You Kaplan

    Got the much needed help for the PCAT. Very useful with several practice tests (as well as practice tests on their site).

  • C. Arioto - Victoria Crossing

    This book I found boring , sad , and repetitions. I've read many stories about the Irish though their hardships though the years. They were much more interesting.

  • Tiberius - Finally, a good story mixing a Roman military setting with elements of Fantasy! Solid plot, political intrigue, ancient mystery.

    Discovering this author for the first time, I was a bit sceptical about the mix between a Roman military history setting and Fantasy elements such as elves and magic. I was an avid role-player of D&D and other games in high school and most of university, and remain passionate about ancient military history and Roman Republic and Imperial warfare in particular. But previous attempts at mixing those worlds came very short of my simplest expectations. Not so with this series, and the customisations used by the author to adapt Roman practices to a fantasy universe really hit the spot. The book focuses on the scion of a noble imperial family after he's earned the rank of Captain in the hard northern war against the Rivan kingdom. Captain Ben Stiger is reassigned to the Southern Command to help quell a rebellion, and discovers an inept leadership and diseased and demoralised legions. He's assigned his own company of troops to run a convoy escort to a remote mountain fortress whose garrison seems to have been isolated by the rebels. Along the way, the determined officer trains his men back into an effective force, gets on the trail of a centennial mystery, and faces the minions of a dark god. His lieutenant Eli Far is actually an elven ranger, a fact which surprises most of the people they encounter as few elves venture out of Highborn society any more. The author does a good job of describing the physical features, motivations and coherent personality traits of the lead characters, and convey the gritty realities of legionary life and training very effectively. In this first book of the series, fantasy and magic only play a very minor role, and their progressive easing into the story makes it all the more engrossing given the plot twists they enable. The pace is steady, balancing world building and story telling with action scenes. An enjoyable Kindle discovery, look forward to reading the second book in the series!