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  • RunningMom4 - It sucks and I love it!!!

    My old vacuum was a 24 year old Electrolux that my husband purchased when he sold vacuums for a month at the ripe old age of 16. I don't know why at 16 he spent $800 on a vacuum, but he did, and it's been his longest lasting relationship besides his mom. He loved his Electrolux so much that for years he wouldn't let me buy a new one because "they don't make them like that anymore." I told him he's right, they don't, they make them better...cordless!!!

  • Mary - great!

    I had the giro ionos before this one, but it had a bulky part just at the front interior part, so at the end of each ride i had a mark on my forehead really bad. On the opposite with this helmet and it feels so much cooler also, really a great deal so far.....