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Private Walk in Clinic | Urgent Same Day Doctor | Central London GP - Visit our private clinics located conveniently in the heart of London specialising in GP services, STI tests, travel vaccines, visa and employment medicals.

  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/about About us | Private GP | Medical Services | Walk-in Clinic London - The Walk-in Clinic is part of the Harley Street CentreHealth Group and offers private GP and urgent doctor services 7-days a week in the City and Harley Street.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/about-who-we-are Who we are | Harley Street & City Clinics | Walk-in Clinic - As part of the Harley Street Health Group, the Walk-in Clinics provide confidential and same-day medical services. STD screens, urgent GP and private doctors are available.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/about-testimonials Testimonials | Patients Opinion & Feedback | Walk-in Clinic - A selection of testimonials that we received from our happy clients who have had treatments at our clinics.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/about-in-the-press In the Press | Private Walk in Clinic | Urgent Same Day Doctor | Central London GP - Our clinics frequently appear in news and articles both on and offline. Read what the press has to say about us.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/rates Rates | Private Walk-in Clinic | Same Day Doctor | London GP - What you see is what you get – no hidden charges, phlebotomy fees or prescription charges. Test prices do not include a consultation.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/contact-city-of-londonWe Contact Us | Private Walk-in Clinic | City of London - We open earlier than any other clinic in the square mile & manage our appointments to minimise waiting times. Call us or just walk in.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/contact-harley-street Contact | Walk-in Clinic Harley Street | Private GP Services - We close later than any other similar clinic in the area and on the weekends, giving you time to see a doctor out of working hours. Call us or walk in.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/corporate-contact Contact Us | Corporate Healthcare Services | Walk-in Clinic London - We welcome enquiries from companies of any size and in any sector. Please call us or walk in.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sameday-gp Same Day GP London | Urgent Doctor Appointment | Walk-in Clinic - If you are looking for an appointment with a doctor the same day, contact us for our sameday GP services provided at the Walk-in Clinic.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/PrivateGP-Today Private GP Appointments | Same day Doctor | Walk-in Clinic - We provide private same day doctors on both our City of London and Harley Street walk-in clinics. All our doctors are experienced and you will never see a nurse.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sameday-gp-prescription-service Prescription Service | Private GP and doctor services | Walk-in Clinic - We offer a prescription service as part of our doctor consultations. We can provide repeat prescriptions or prescribe new medication after assessment and discussion.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sameday-gp-specialist-referrals Specialist Referrals | Fast Specialist Appointments | Walk-in Clinic - The Harley Health Centre Group has a network of respected specialists in the London Bridge Hospital and Harley Street area. See us now for a quick referral.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/medicals Medical Examinations | Health Checks | Walk-in Clinic London - Our clinics offer a broad range of routine medicals and check-ups to help you understand the state of your health and prevent future illness. Call us now.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sameday-gp-minor-injuries-procedures Minor Injuries and Procedures | Private GP Services | Walk-in Clinic - London - Our clinics provide medical treatments to minor injuries such as cuts, burns and head injuries. Our services include stitching, X-ray referrals and Ultrasound referrals.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sameday-gp-ear-syringing-irrigation Ear Syringing | Ear Wax Removal | Ear Irrigation | Walk-in Clinic - Our service includes ear examination, prescription for softening and water-assisted ear syringing with the latest ProPulse system. Service is offered at both clinics.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sameday-gp-cardiac-testing Cardiac Tests | Rest & Exercise ECG Testing | Walk-in Clinic - Our Harley Street clinic is fully equipped for cardiac testing with on-site resting & exercise ECG & 24 blood pressure monitoring. Call us of just walk in.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic Sexual Health | GUM Clinic | Full STD Testing | Walk-in Clinic - Confidential sexual health medicals and STD tests with an experienced doctor, not a nurse. Results of blood tests are returned within 24 hours.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-full-std-screen STD Testing | Full Sexual Health Screening | Walk-in Clinic - We provide discreet and full-range STD screens at both of our clinics. You will see an experience doctor, never a nurse and your confidentiality is secure with us.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/HIV_Test_60sec HIV tests | Instant & Antibody Test | Walk-in Clinic Central London - We offer HIV tests from an early stage. Our services are performed by experienced doctors and fully discreet and we will not contact your GP.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-chlamydia-tests Chlamydia Testing | Symptoms & Treatment | Walk-in Clinic - Chlamydia is one of the most common STD's and is easily treated with the appropiate course of antibiotics. Contact us for an appointment for Chlamydia testing.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-gonorrhoea-tests Gonorrhoea Treatment | Symptoms & Testing | Walk-in Clinic - Gonorrhoea can cause severe health issues if left untreated. Testing for Gonorrhoea involves taking swab samples or urine. Call us now to make an appointment.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-hepatitis-tests Hepatitis B & C Testing | Antigen & Antibody Tests | Walk-in Clinic - Hepatitis is a viral infection which can cause severe damage to your liver. The earlier you are diagnosed with Hepatitis, the better your progonis will be.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-syphilis Syphilis Test | Symptoms & Diagnosis | Walk-in Clinic London - Syphilis is an illness with symptons being hard to spot, this makes testing very important. We can return the results of the blood test withing 24 working hours.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-herpes-tests Genital Herpes Testing | Treatment & Symptoms | Walk-in Clinic - Herpes is a Viral infection caused by the Herpes Simples Virus, and is often chronic or recurrent. A test is a blood sample or swap and takes 4-7 days to be return
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-bacterial-infections-tests Bacterial Infections Treatment | Penis Infections | Vaginal Infections | Walk in Clinic London - We have treatments for all infections including penis infections, so do not delay in getting tested to prevent your condition worsening & to prevent transmission to others. Call us now to book an appointment.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-hpv-tests HPV Testing | Human Papilloma Virus| Sexual Health | Walk-in Clinic - HPV is a viral infection of the skin and linings of body cavities. HPV is linked to cervical cancer and testing in time is therefor important.
  • http://walkin-clinic.co.uk/sexual-health-clinic-confidentiality Confidentiality | Private Medical Results | Walk-in Clinic - The Walk-in Clinic is known for its emphasis on confidentiality. We do not require your real name or GP's details. Please visit our website for all the details.

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  • Rhonda - Good for the price

    They do the job. Easy to install. The whistling while you drive is a bit much. Just turn up the radio and sing. Good for the price.

  • Gift Card - Helps with Restless Legs and Sleep

    I read about this product in a woman's magazine about a year ago and decided to give it a try. I was impressed! I have restless legs, can't sleep since I've entered the change of life ( ugh ) and I have A Fib. I take 1/2 teaspoon in about 1/4 cup of warm water. Believe it or not in as little as 2 mins my legs relax and don't feel like they are going to bounce off the bed. lol It also helps me sleep a little bit better. I don't take it on a regular basis. ( I should however ) I feel it helps out with my A Fib as well. I stopped taking my Medication for the A Fib. It was having a negative effect on my mind and body. One other thing I noticed is that if I'm feeling anxious it helps with that as well. I told my sister about this product today and I've shared with others on FB. I would highly recommend this product!!! I also recommend that anyone reading these reviews go and investigate the wonders of magnesium. It's one of the most important minerals in the body! Here's to your health :)

  • chaye - what an excellent gift, as i have recently taken up the ...

    this golf digest subscription was given to me from my son and daughter-in-law , what an excellent gift , as i have recently taken up the sport , great reading , so much to learn , good job !!!

  • JJLouis - Worked Well

    Worked well. Just be careful not to hold it against your skin for too long like I did - ouch! Got rid of the wart though.

  • T. mckinney - I would definitely recommend this product

    My 15 yo Siamese-Mayling started displaying bizarre behavior a couple of months ago. She was licking herself constantly, howling in the middle of the night, not always using her kittybox. losing weight and her coat was not healthy and shiny. After about a week and a half-I had blood work done. She has hyperthyroid-her T4's were over 10-which is very high. My vet suggested tapazole. I decided to try a natural path, since there are numerous side effects with tapazole. Mayling has been taking Thyroid Support for 6 weeks now. She is not longer displaying any of the bizarre behavior and is 80% back to her normal self. She has only gained about a pound in weight. There wasn't any real noticeable changes for about 2 weeks. I will be having her T4's checked next week and I am sure they will be lower. I would definitely recommend this product. It may not work for all kittys-but I would give it a try.

  • All Kinds of Books! - It was easy to assemble

    It was easy to assemble, it works GREAT, and I have not yet ever run out of power in a single use (about half an hour.) The battery pack charges up pretty quickly, too. And it doesn't seem to eat cord up like a lot of others do - I'm still on my first spool after a month (5 or 6 uses).