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  • can+did SPACE - Great Alternative Headphones

    This KSCAT product is my first wireless Bluetooth headphones with bone conduction technology. I read that Ludwig Van Beethoven, who suffered hearing loss, may have been one of the first people to develop a bone-conducting device to help him hear music. He attached a rod to his piano and then connected it to his head, so that it transmitted the vibration of his playing directly to his cochlea. Bone-conducting headphones are built around this same concept. I find the concept of this bone conducting headphones interesting. It transmits music through your bones directly to your inner ear, so you can still hear everything around you.

  • Amy Bumatay Tulley - After 2 years, I still love it!

    I've had the Uppa Baby Vista 2009 for 2 years now, and we still use it as our primary stroller. We walk around town a lot, on trails, and on the beach, and we've used this stroller. It's not the smoothest ride, but babies often like a little bumpy ride anyway! I used the bassinet for over 6 months, just because I loved how she can just sit in it (I was very careful!). Sometimes she even slept in her bassinet in our room. We still interchange the direction of the main seat. Just last week, we were walking downtown and it was very windy, so we changed her seat direction while she was still in it (probably not recommended in the manual!). Overall, it is an AWESOME stroller! I fold it up all the time and keep it in my trunk quite a bit. It is not the smallest or lightest stroller by any means, but there are so many features that I love about it, and it's durable! My wheels don't squeak, like another reviewer noted, but I have trouble with the brake. I end up engaging it/disengaging it by hand b/c it gets stuck. That's the only bad thing (and the cup holder isn't too great on it). The fabric has held up with time despite being left outside several nights. We have the Mica, which looks great! I've never had to wash the covers. Sun visor is awesome! Soon, we'll probably get the piggy back so our toddler can ride on when we have our next baby. We LOVE our stroller, and get comments on it all of the time!

  • Maturity - Another great Longmire

    Craig Johnson has another highly readable winner! I really enjoyed learning about the Hulett biker event which he wove into the story.

  • C. beckley - good for tv watching

    I had one of these a million years ago, lost it and just bought a new one. It still does the job. It keeps you occupied while watching tv. It's pretty versatile, in that you can do your arms and chest also. It's not a replacement for a regular workout, just something to have around instead of just being a lazy zombie while watching the boob tube.