Vigoraflo | Enhance Your Performance! - Vigoraflo provides a safe and more natural way to aid muscle building and help accelerate muscle recovery time. This proprietary blend supports muscle gain.

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  • Kay A. - This stuff DEFINITELY works!!

    I had a bad case of tinea versicolor on my back that was caused by sleeping in an exceedingly humid dorm room for two semesters. i tried all kinds of medicated shampoos and pills prescribed by the doctor to get rid of it, which did nothing. someone suggested this product in a YouTube comment section and i decided to give it a try. im glad i did :) the soap helped clear it right up.

  • Caleb461 - So far so good

    Have used daily for about a month now and so far it seems to be a quality product. A few things to note:

  • Samantha - kind of torn... UPDATE

    I just received my flat iron today and I examined it and compared it to my sister in laws pyt but she has it in all black and bought it at a kiosk. I saw some differences as the pyt on the flat iron is red and not white like the others I've seen and from what I've seen in pictures online. Everything else is spot on except mine came with a couple scratches. I also noticed on the pamphlet it comes with that it states "if the flat iron is defective send a money order of 22.70 for shipping costs and flat iron to 300 meserole st Brooklyn ny 11206" which is 2 blocks away from Where I live... Like if the pyt company is 2 blocks from Where I live which is crazy cause I lived here for 4 years. I'll just have to see how it performs. I'm kind of positive it's a fake but we'll just see. If so I want a full refund or I'll just throw it in the trash. I will update this review after I've used it.

  • mrosen - √√√ Quick relief

    Within in about 2 weeks, I noticed a difference in how I was feeling. My mood and night sweats improved very quickly. Since my estrogen levels were super unstable, I really suffered from easy frustration and an all around poor attitude. EstroLibrium has really helped to improve the frustration. The night sweats were really difficult to deal with but that has been lessened and I really do appreciate it!

  • Palomina - Vegans Beware!

    I used this for a few years and felt that it generally improved my health, including cutting back on frequency and severity of colds amongst other things. However, AZO has unaccountably begun adding EGGS to the formula!! Why, AZO, why? Now I will stop using it. The CVS brand is much more affordable but contains cochineal, the ground up beetles used for red coloring. (Why add red coloring to cranberry?) Anyhow, I will have to start shopping for a veg alternative.

  • Cece - OH EM GEE

    I feel like every woman should have this amazing product in their life. No more fear of stinking up the office when you have to go after that large cup of coffee. If a guy is reading this, please disregard, you all know that women do not poop. It's okay.

  • Will Runyon - Great Resource for Those Seeking Certification for Medicine/Pharmacology Career Paths.

    I'd like to begin this review by noting that I've always felt I can rely on Trivium to provide quality study guides and practice content. This book is further proof of this reliability.