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  • HappyAuntie - Don't hesitate - get it!!!

    I bought this stroller along with the compatible infant seat (Britax B-Safe) as a gift for my brother and his wife. They assembled it the same day and they were soo thrilled with it, they brought it over to my house to show it off to the family. There are so many efficient features that Britax put in that all Moms will love. Those are in the product description. I will say that my brother put my 2 yr old nephew in it and went for a run up and down our long street and the stroller didnt bat an eyelash! It has a lock on the front wheel for this. I wouldnt bring it on unpaved surface to jog. but on a paved surface this stroller can easily double as a jogger. I think parents would love to know how incredibly EASY this stroller is to fold and unfold. It is a genuine one-hand fold. It is so easy to hold things (like baby, or bags, or both!) with one arm and collapse the stroller in the other. It is extremely light. My brother and his wife had purchased a Maxi-Cosi and within 20 minutes of playing with this stroller, my sister-in-law was excaliming that this stroller was HERS and the Maxi-Cosi could be the backup. She loved the ease of folding and the lightness and all the pocket features. This truly is a wonderful stroller. The matching infant seat is amazing too. As a travel system, parents couldnt be happier. With the stroller alone, parents couldnt be happier! Dont hesitate- this is a solid and smart purchase you will be thrilled with.

  • Greggorio - good program

    my only complaint is that the Curser could not be moved with the up/down/left/right arrow keys like in the older autocad lt.versions

  • Dreamweaver - Gotta Love Maxine!

    Always get a laugh from 'any' Maxine item and so this being said, you just have to have this calendar - you won't be disappointed if you are a 'fan'.

  • Lois Chaplin - They're a good set of basic knives

    I have been long overdue to upgrade my kitchen knives. After reviewing the options and reading what others had to say, I decided to go for this Everedge set. On the plus side, overall, they are such a significant upgrade and are a delight. However, I realized that I was really yearning for a good slicing knife - not a sawing action which these blades give you. Don't get me wrong - sometimes a saw is what you need - for a tomato, for example. So, I now own another set of Henkels (the Twin Signature) and between the two sets, I have a great selection of knives for the two homes I was outfitting. I'm not a professional cook, but can fully appreciate the feel of a good knife. Maybe in time I'll upgrade to pro but for now I'm very satisfied.