VCM | An iconic language for the Visualization of Concepts in Medicine - VCM is an iconic language which uses icons to visualize concepts in Medicine. It can be used along with Medical Records, Clinical Guidelines, Medical Search Engines, Drug Monographies or Drug information.

  • LIMICS presentation | VCM - LIMICS (Laboratoire d'Informatique Médicale et d'Ingénierie des Connaissances en e-Santé)
  • VCM principles | VCM - The expressive power of the VCM language is the consequence of thousands of easily understandable icons, representing abstract concepts in Medicine
  • Mister VCM | VCM - A particular interface, "Mr. VCM" has been developed to display a set of VCM icons (e.g. the contraindications for a given drug).
  • The VCM tutorial | VCM - Here are nine short lessons demonstrating the rapid learning curve for the VCM language.
  • How to include VCM in your software? | VCM - The VCM iconic server can generate VCM icons and the interactive “ Mister VCM ”.
  • Clinical guidelines | VCM - Clinical guidelines are developed by health agencies, or national or international medical associations, or private firms.
  • Medical search engines | VCM - Specific search engines have been developed in the medical field to retrieve scientific documents.

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  • Benton C. Jones - Works

    Works as advertised. Follow the directions. Rinse out your cooling system with water many times before using.

  • storknestmommy - Stinging and burning sensation on kids skin

    All of my kids used this soap and they were in tears and screaming within minutes of applying the soap. It was stinging their skin and left them red even after rinsing it off. The scent was great but the soap didn't work for our family.

  • Chris Rosado - Works if strategically used

    Works if used correctly. However, You can not be saturated with toxins and expect this to work. Great for light users of green stuff.

  • Pretzel - WAS a good product

    Kaspersky Internet Security has been a staple on my computers for nearly a decade now. I'm sad to see it go so downhill. Starting with Pure and now with KIS 2013, are programs filled with bugs. Pure wouldn't uninstall from any computer without having a special removal tool from Kaspersky that had to be run in Safe Mode. Now, I had KIS 2012 and it suddenly started loading really slow and the anti-banner stopped working all together. When contacting Kaspersky, I was told to update to the 2013 version. After 3 unsuccessful attempts at installing it, I had to do a clean install. Now 2013 is wreaking havoc on my computer. It loads even slower than 2012, usually takes 2 minutes to get the computer to full desktop where it used to take 30 seconds. And now it randomly just resets all its settings, aka reactivates anti-spam and deactivates anti-banner, etc. Top it off, every boot up for a week now after it finally loads it pops up an error box saying it couldn't open properly and wants to send a bug report that takes another 10 minutes to complete. Who knows what info is being sent to Kaspersky each time. Seems shady. In all, stick with Norton or AVG. I've personally never had a single problem with either of them.

  • Philip Evans - So far, So good

    I should start off saying I am rather new to the 3D printing, and this was my first roll of ABS to mess with. My current 3D printer is a dibond Mendel90

  • slec - Misunderstood title

    Thought it was a book about Constipation Revolution. But it was just full of crap, much like the author himself.