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  • jrtalent - Save your money and frustration.

    Did 2 back-ups to Seagate drives. Downloaded the manual to make sure I could do the restore. Tried for hours to restore the backups without success. Went to their web site for help, that is a colossal waste of time. Tried to sign in to contact support, site kept sending me into loops. Save your money. I don't know if you if can get my money back for this crap-ware, so this is my revenge. Oh by the way, they want more money to use their cloud.

  • Kalexander - Wonderful product for ethnic hair

    I am African American and this is an absolutely wonderful product for our hair. It has made my hair very soft, frizz free and there is less damage from my flat iron and curling iron.

  • Lily - Seals and keeps wine fresh

    I bought these because a friend of mine had some at her place. I found that these work very well. I did test them out on a wine bottle that was mostly full. Obviously you need to pump less if there is more wine (less air to remove). I heard clicks without a problem. Sometimes I'll pump past the first clicks to increase the vacuum.

  • Drew - Hopeful

    Just got item. Arrived quickly. Hoping it lives up to its consumer reports, top scratch remover title. Original box that is was in was smashed up inside the bubble wrap envolope but everything is included and undamaged inside. No need to take a star off for that. Looking forward to using it on my black car..and everyone who has owned one knows the troubles i refer to. Cheers.

  • Bryon S. Lape - Stay away from this scam

    Too bad one cannot give negative ratings. We ordered this program hoping it would help us as our children were becoming defiant and lying about homework. We put the so-called strategies into practice. The results are our children became worse, their schools now see us as bad parents, they lying more about school work and they will not do chores. Stay away from this scam of a program. It is a lead generator for their counseling services. Don't waste your time.