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  • Marie - Shark has terrible customer service and doesn't honor their warranty

    I purchased this vacuum and at first I just loved it. As others mentioned it kept falling over. One of the plastic sides of the canister where the clips attach broke but I was able to use the product with just the one clip and it held. I have long hair that gets all over the carpeting and this tangled up in the brush at the bottom. I had to cut it out after each use and remove it because you can't remove the brush. This kept happening until the cleaned brush wouldn't move across the rugs and can only be used in the bare floor setting.

  • Wendell L. Gladish - Confusing

    This product is not as represented. It is not an installable protection program, it is a bar code card for downloading a program - - if you can find the referenced web sites. Search for the web sites specified brings you to a list of suppliers who will assist you (for a fee), or McAfee web sites which offer to sell you the program (again), or reference you to telephone assistance. Being seriously hearing impaired, it is impractical for me to use the telephone. McAfee.com has no net reference for any communication.

  • Wendy - Fascinating

    Who could think a mother or a father would be capable of kidnapping their own child to get out trouble? Nobody, I would say, of course, everything is possible, people cant be so sure. That's the case with this book, the unthinkable happens, the most twisted scenario, yes.